2023 – Lhyfe and Kallista Energy sign a long-term electricity sales contract

(AOF) – Kallista Energy, an independent producer of renewable energies, will sell wind electricity to Lhyfe, one of the world pioneers in the production of green and renewable hydrogen, as part of a long-term contract. For the first time, the emerging green hydrogen market, supported by the French Government and the European Union, provides sufficient visibility to establish a long-term electricity sales contract and thus secure for Kallista Energy the bank financing of the renewal (repowering) of a wind farm.

For Lhyfe, this cPPA (Corporate Power Purchase Agreement) secures the energy supply for its future green hydrogen production sites, and thus supports its sustained growth.

The town of Brachy, in Seine-Maritime, has been home to a park of 5 wind turbines for almost 17 years.

Kallista Energy, owner and operator of the park, will renew these wind turbines with the latest generation machines. Thus, with the same number of wind turbines, the new park will be able to produce 70% more electricity than the old one.

Bank financing for the renewal of the Brachy wind farm was secured thanks to the long-term electricity sales contract (cPPA) concluded between Kallista Energy and Lhyfe for a period of 15 years.

The renewed Brachy park will accommodate 5 Vestas V126 wind turbines, for a total power of 15 MW.

Its commissioning will take place in the summer of 2024, it will produce 46 GWh of renewable electricity each year. The entire production of the park will be dedicated to Lhyfe’s green and renewable hydrogen production sites to contribute to the decarbonization of mobility and industry which currently use fossil fuels or carbon hydrogen.


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