2G, mask requirement, lockdown: this is how politics could tighten the corona rules

2G, mask requirement, lockdown
Politicians could tighten the corona rules

The federal and state governments want to adopt stricter measures to contain the corona pandemic on Thursday. One way to get there could be through the Infection Protection Act. Its new version only came into force on November 24th – the law would now have to be changed again.

What is the starting point?

The currently applicable new version of the Infection Protection Act stipulates 3G in the workplace as well as in local and long-distance traffic. The federal states can issue distance requirements, mask requirements or 2G rules. In addition, requirements for events, schools and daycare centers are possible. The federal states can adopt tougher measures such as contact or person restrictions if the respective state parliament so decides.

However, curfews, the comprehensive preventive closure of schools and daycare centers, restaurants and retailers are no longer possible. Church services and meetings may not be banned across the board, and sports may not be prohibited. Likewise, travel and accommodation offers must not be prohibited.

What are the transitional regulations?

Ordinances that came into force before the epidemic emergency expired can continue to apply until December 15. On this basis, curfews are currently in effect, for example.

How could stricter measures be adopted?

Basically there is the possibility that the Bundestag resolves the epidemic situation that expired on November 25th and has national consequences. This would restore the previous legal status, including the possibility of curfews or business closings, which are generally not possible under the current version of the Infection Protection Act. This would mean that the traffic light parties would have to turn around, especially the FDP.

Another possibility would be to expand the catalog of measures that can be used without an epidemic emergency by changing the law. It is more likely, however, that the law will only enshrine uniform national requirements, for example for 2G rules in retail, as they already apply in individual federal states.

The states could also agree on the standardization of further measures that lie within their area of ​​responsibility and can be ordered by them – if necessary also depending on the respective corona situation. This could apply to the mask requirement in schools, to possible ghost games in the Bundesliga, bans on Christmas markets or restrictions on certain leisure activities such as the closure of clubs or discos.

In addition, the federal-state group should agree on additional measures to advance the vaccination campaign. This includes the already announced expansion of the group of those entitled to vaccinate. Dentists and pharmacies should also be included here.

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