3 funny and short series to forget your problems to see on Disney +

To change from yet another marathon of Friends or of The Office, the Disney + catalog is rather well supplied with comforting comedies. 3 of them are particularly worth a look: Not Dead Yet, Head to Head And Abbott Elementary.

The series have many qualities, among them their formidable ability to change our minds in an instant. And that’s good, many no-brainer comedies are available on SVOD platforms, like Disney+.

Abbott Elementary // Source: ABC

So to put aside your daily life for 30 minutes, we advise you to scroll through all your life choices with Not Dead Yetto listen to your little inner voices with Face-to-face or learn the art of getting by with Abbott Elementary.

Not Dead Yet on Disney+, a deadly comedy about the beauty of life

At 37, Nell Serrano feels like starting all over again. She has just separated from her boyfriend, she is reunited with her hometown and her former colleagues, but above all she has to tame a new, rather special job: writing obituaries. Disappointed to have to go back to square one in journalism, in an office worthy of a cubbyhole, Nell is going to have a little big surprise: the dead she has to praise appear before her eyes and tell her all about their lives from A to Z. A slight problem that could well change the perspective of this lost thirty-year-old.

Do not be fooled by the ugly French subtitle of the series (“Confessions of a forty-something picking up”): Not Dead Yet is a fresh, modern comedy that allows us to put our own daily worries into perspective. Thanks to its fantastic little twist, the series manages to stand out from other comedies of the genre, despite a very classic visual and script coating. You will therefore not escape great speeches on love, forgiveness, friendship or happiness, over the 13 episodes of this first season. But this excess of good feelings is quickly forgotten in the face of the charm of Not Dead Yet : the main actress, Gina Rodriguez, who already illuminated the brilliant Jane the Virgin. We thus immediately become attached to his character and we end up chaining the episodes of this not really exceptional little pleasure, a little stuffy, but so comforting.

  • Watch if you liked: Jane the Virgin ; The Good Place ; Pushing Daisies ; Dead Like Me ; Ghost Whisperer; Upload
  • Must see if you are looking for: fantasy comedy; short episodes; humor ; unplug his brain; romance; journalism; feel good ; for all ; reflect on life and death; find the good humor of Gina Rodriguez; relate to one’s own problems
  • Go your way if: good feelings and life lessons annoy you to the highest degree

Face-to-face on Disney+, the musical and romantic comedy combo

Are you a fan of Disney songs, Broadway shows and choreography started in the middle of the street? Then you will love the musical romance Face-to-facea real mix between Snow Queen And Bridget Jones.

In this series in just 8 episodes of 30 minutes each, Lindsay leads the perfect life, alongside her perfect spouse, in their matching patterned pajamas. But deep down, the young woman only dreams of becoming a great author of novels. She then decides to drop everything to go to New York and, above all, finally stop listening to her little inner voices, which manifest themselves in flesh and blood every time she has to make a decision. And since we’re in a musical, these irritating advisers obviously express themselves through singing. A problem also shared by Miguel, who will quickly fall in love with Lindsay.

Set in the 1990s, Face-to-face is a summit of love and cuteness, which will silence your little negative voices to better introduce you to those of others. Lindsay and Miguel are perfectly embodied by Mae Whitman (Good Girls) and Carlos Valdes (The Flash), in this fantasy comedy from the team behind hamilton (Thomas Kail) or New Girl (Danielle Sanchez-Witzel). But above all, the songs created especially for the series were composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the little geniuses behind the music of The Snow Queen, Coco Or Wanda Vision. Face-to-face is therefore naturally a small cloud of sweetness, which we would like to be able to rediscover every second, so much does its whimsical charm work wonders.

  • Watch if you liked: The Diary of Bridget Jones; Schmigadoon! ; Crazy ex-Girlfriend; Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! ; Hamilton; Snow Queen ; New Girl
  • Must see if you are looking for: romance; musical comedy ; humor ; point of fantasy; non-stop music; no violence ; short episodes; get better ; turn your living room into a karaoke; put glitter (and marshmallow) in your life; an excuse to buy a new tub of ice cream
  • Go your way if: you can’t stand the musical numbers in the middle of the street; you hate Disney songs and other melodies calibrated to stay in your head

Abbott Elementary on Disney+, the next generation The Office Or Modern Family

We know it: the American school system is at the end of its rope. A complex subject, and not exactly fun on paper, whose Abbott Elementary takes hold brilliantly. In the same way as The Office managed to turn a simple paper business into the funniest place on earth, this comedy in mockumentary form manages to make us love school. We follow a team of teachers from Philadelphia, faced with a cruel lack of resources. Janine, who constantly strives to be the best, Amy-style in Brooklyn 99, welcomes Gregory, a rather strict newcomer. Both will try to compose with their colleagues, Barbara, the ultra-religious dean, Melissa, who does not have the language in her pocket, but especially Ava, the principal of the school completely in the West.

A real surprise card at the last Emmys Awards, Abbott Elementary richly deserves all the praise it has received. This little-known comedy takes us on everyday adventures, each more improbable than the next, with a finesse of writing rarely equaled on the small screen. Abbott Elementary is also a committed series, which highlights a cast almost entirely made up of black actors and actresses, while denouncing the cruel lack of funding in American schools as well as ordinary racism. Don’t let the first episodes scare you: humor takes time to infuse this little gem, which you won’t want to leave after the 2 seasons available on Disney+.

  • Watch if you liked: The Office; Parks and Recreation; Modern Family; Community; Ted Lasso; Brooklyn 99
  • Must see if you are looking for: office comedy; short episodes; jokes; funny and eccentric colleagues; gold casting; romance; parody; criticism of the school system; importance of representation; for all ; political beliefs; replace the void left by The Office in your little heart
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