3 series that are a hit and will make you laugh out loud this weekend

Need to decompress right now? There are some series on Netflix that should take your mind off things, and even make you laugh. Follow the guide.

We are not going to kid ourselves: the weather is quite random at the moment. And the bad weather is deeply depressing … If your weekend turns out to be stormy, rest assured: we have the solution to occupy you at the back of the sofa, a cup of tea in your hand. To top it off, this week we wanted to fill your slack a little with a selection of hilarious Netflix series. There is no doubt, these three programs will take your mind off things. Laughs guaranteed!

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”: the perfect roommate!

Who says Tina Fey necessarily says giggles! And it is successful with his series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. We discover the atypical story of a young woman of 29, originally from Indiana, who decides to settle in New York after being locked up for fifteen years in a bunker by a guru who made her believe that the Apocalypse had taken place. Obviously, after all these years and this new found freedom, Kimmy, embodied by the sparkling Ellie Kemper, will have to find her place in our contemporary society, in the company of Titus, played by the irresistible and hilarious Tituss Burgess: the best roommate of the Earth ! (After Joey in Friends, obviously)

“The Good Place”: Kristen Bell in our hearts forever

A Netflix essential that we strongly recommend if you have not yet tried The Good Place with, Kristen Bell. The American actress plays Eleanor Shellstrop who, after her death, lands at the Good Place, in short, Heaven. Except that Eleanor is far from being the most exemplary human … In fact, she realizes that she has undoubtedly landed here by mistake. You might as well say that we have a jubilant anti-heroine and that’s without counting the other characters she meets. The four seasons are to be devoured on Netflix!

“Grace and Frankie”: irresistible Jane Fonda

If you loved it Friends in the 90s and 2000s, you will love this series created by the same producer: Marta Kauffman. We follow the budding friendship between Grace and Frankie, two 70-year-old women who discover that their respective husbands love each other and have plans to get married. A situation to say the least singular but which will bring closer the two women of whom everything opposes. They are funny, endearing and do a lot of good. The duo works wonderfully! The entirety of this great series is available on Netflix.

Melanie Bonvard

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