3 sets to avoid the back-to-school blues


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Already have the back-to-school blues? Do not panic ! Netflix is ​​full of series that could give you a boost and help you cope with the recovery after the summer of 2021 …

It’s the end of summer… We’ll have to put away the tropéziennes, sunscreen and swimsuits to swap them for back-to-school outfits that are sometimes much less comfortable. Some will have to go back to work, others to school… We all know this feeling of depression: it’s the back-to-school blues. Among the many solutions to take your mind off things and put things into perspective, you can let off steam and clear your head thanks to a few sports sessions. Still, sometimes, lazing on the sofa is an activity not to be neglected after the effort.

To do this, you have to renew your list of series to watch on Netflix, because nothing better than the catalog of the streaming giant to clear your mind during the resumption. With some Netflix series, anti-depression back-to-school evenings are guaranteed. We have therefore concocted a selection of three series not to be missed and to watch this weekend. We promise, this will allow you to put the start of the school year into perspective and avoid the inevitable late summer blues.

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“Director”: Sandra Oh hits the mark on Netflix

It is one of the most watched series on Netflix right now. It must be said that it is worth a look, just for its main actress. In The Chair, whose French title is Director, Sandra Oh plays Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim. The teacher is promoted to head of the English department at the American University of Pembroke. The first racialized woman to hold this position, she will have to face many obstacles in her work. How to revitalize this aging department and restore its letters of nobility to the prestigious American university? Sandra Oh wears this role wonderfully in the satirical series Director, available on Netflix.

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“Welcome to Mamila”: Netflix invites us to the McKellan family

You loved the series Sister sister In the 90s ? You will probably like Welcome to Mamila. We find there one of the two leading actresses of the series of our childhood. Tia Mowry plays Cocoa McKellan, a mother from Seattle. With her husband and her four children, they decide to move to Colombus, near the Cocoa family. If they didn’t know them until now, it’s going to be an opportunity to forge new bonds, for better or for worse. Welcome to Mamila, available on Netflix, is the sitcom you need to fight back to school blues.

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“The country-sitter”: Katharine McPhee sings on Netflix

Katharine McPhee returns to her first love with The country-sitter. We loved her on the show Smash, where we discovered the backstage of Broadway, the huge musical comedy industry in the United States. The actress then continued with Scorpio, which had met with great success. With The country-sitter, available on Netflix, Katharine McPhee takes over the microphone playing Bailey, a country artist who is struggling to break into the industry. Following a misunderstanding, she will end up becoming the babysitter of five children. The young woman will improvise herself as a nanny and if certain situations are totally what the fuck, Bailey will create a special bond with these toddlers. Moments feel good insured with this series!

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