3 tips for effectively cleaning the oven tray: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The drip pan, another name for the oven tray, is often placed under the grill to catch drippings and other projections when cooking a dish. But these food residues tend to burn on contact with the plate and remain encrusted. With a few crude products you can easily clean the oven tray. Follow the leader !

How to clean a dirty baking tray?

The first instinct to have when cleaning an oven tray is not to wait. Tackle the dirt while the grill pan is still warm. If you wait for it to cool or if you decide to reuse it dirty, the splashes will stick more permanently. Additionally, it can cause your oven to smoke.

To effectively clean an oven tray, you can use a variety of simple products depending on what you have on hand. Baking soda, for example, is a particularly suitable mild abrasive. Sprinkle it on your plate and rub with a damp cloth. If that’s not enough, you can spray hydrogen peroxide on the powder and leave it on for at least two hours. All you have to do is remove the residue with a wet sponge. Clean any leftover product with dishwashing liquid and your oven tray will be as good as new.

How to remove burnt grease from a baking tray?

One of the most common food spills on a baking sheet is grease. Whether it comes from the juices of a good roast chicken or from a dish with a slightly rich sauce, it can seem difficult to clean. In this case, you can use black soap. Prefer the solid version rather than liquid for this use. Place a thick layer on your plaque with stubborn residue and leave to act for 30 minutes. Then remove the dirt with a damp sponge and rinse with clean water.

Last solution for cleaning an oven tray: bleach. This household product should be used with caution and only as a last resort, because it remains dangerous, although very effective. It is therefore better to wear gloves and protective glasses when using it.

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