3 ultra-effective facial gym exercises to reshape the oval of the face (without spending 1 euro!)

Perfect for stimulating the muscles and lifting the skin, these facial yoga exercises allow you to gradually reshape the oval of the face. We explain how to do this facial exercise at home.

Expert in facial and Chinese energy yoga, Sylvie Lefranc publishes a new book with Leduc editions: My holistic beauty secrets. In this book, she shares her tips for taking care of your skin through different rituals: face-taping, nutrition, Chinese energy, but also facial yoga. Of the natural and non-invasive techniques which smooth the skin, boost the radiance of the complexion or even fight against sagging skin.

For those who are not familiar with the practice of facial yoga, these are facial “gymnastics” exercises which aim to stimulate certain facial muscles. The result: refreshed features and plumper skin. Unlike face-taping or facial massages with a roll-on or gua sha, facial yoga does not require no accessories or beauty products. You simply have to carry out series of exercises by making movements with your mouth, your fingers or even your neck. To obtain results, regularity is essential: perform these exercises 5 to 10 minutes per day for at least 3 weeks. Ideally, include this little ritual in your daily routine for as long as possible! Discover 3 facial yoga exercises, ultra-effective for redraw the oval of the faceextracts from this book.

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Exercise #1: reshape the oval and tone the lower part of the face

Make an “O” shape with your mouth, then wrap your lips around your teeth. Move your lower jaw forward as much as possible and smile as you feel your cheekbones contract. Tilt your head back and hold the position for 30 seconds. Repeat twice to do it three times in total.

Exercise #2: plump and smooth the lower face

Place the fingers of the right hand firmly on the mouth to immobilize the orbicularis oculi and flatten it slightly. Then inflate the cheeks with air and, while maintaining a minimum amount of air in each cheek, try to circulate it from one cheek to the other for 30 seconds. Make sure to breathe through your nose. Take a short break for a few seconds, then start again twice to do it three times in total.

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Exercise n°3: effectively erase the double chin

Place the tip of your tongue outside your teeth, under your upper lip. Open your jaw slightly and make circular movements of your tongue along your mouth, ten circles in one direction and ten circles in the other direction. Make sure you don’t create any creases around the mouth. If this is the case, open your jaw a little more to further stretch the tissues.

Find even more advice from Sylvie Lefranc in her book:

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