3 ways to wear it for an “anti-aging” effect after 60

These variations of the pixie cut are ultra-effective for rejuvenating and modernizing the look. Original short cuts that highlight gray hair very well.

The pixie cut is one of the most effective hairstyles for rejuvenate and modernize a face. With her longer hair on the top of the head and at the front of the face, it highlights the eyes and camouflages wrinkles on the forehead or crow’s feet. Ultra-trendy in recent years, we have seen it on red carpets and on social networks, which can put off some people looking for a slightly more original hairstyle.

This is why we invite you to discover today 3 variations of the pixie cut. More original models that will give a lot of personality and style to your look. Good news, they are just as effective as a “classic” pixie cut to bring that “anti-aging” effect look after 60 years.

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Pixie shorts, a shorter version of the pixie cut

Here is the ultra-short version of the pixie cut! The hair is worked with clippers on the sides and at the nape of the neck to create a gradual gradient with the strands on the top of the head and the front of the face which always remain a little longer. At the front of the face, the hair forms a tapered fringe that follows the oval of the face.

A modern and dynamic look that will be perfect for those who have thick hair or are looking for a short cut ultra-quick to format. If, on the other hand, you have fine hair, opt for a slightly longer pixie cut which will allow you to play more with the material of your hair.

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The wixie cut, a pixie cut that adds volume to gray hair

With the nape and legs a little longer, the wixie cut (“winged pixie”) is ideal for soften the oval of the face and give a styled/disheveled effect to the hair. It is suitable for straight hair as well as wavy or curly hair and gives this very natural and airy effect to the hair. With the wixie cut, we don’t find this longer strand at the front of the face, but rather a fringe and nicely layered strands which hug the oval and provide this effect of softness.

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The wixie cut breaks the “aging” look that gray hair can sometimes give, giving lots of volume and style to the hair. Be careful, it requires regular maintenance at the hairdresser, to maintain a nice gradient and a well-worked structure.

The whisper pixie, an original short cut for gray hair

Between the pixie cut, the wixie cut and Audrey Hepburn’s famous short cut, this short cut mixes several inspirations to create an ultra-original effect. The hair is a little longer on the sides and the nape of the neck and well layered at the front of the face to highlight the oval and the shape of the head. A revisited pixie cut that changes the looks we are used to seeing and which can also adapt perfectly to a 60-year-old face.

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Rather suitable for straight hair, the whisper pixie is not very damaged in the mass, which may be suitable for fine or thinning hair.

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