30 active shooters – EV Finkenstein celebrates its 50th anniversary

The EV Finkenstein ice shooters can celebrate not only their 50th anniversary, but also promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga and the National League.

The ice shooters of EV Finkenstein had every reason to celebrate this year: For example, their new hall on the sports field in Finkenstein was opened. In addition, the 50th anniversary was celebrated – and there were wonderful sporting successes. The club was able to get promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga (ice) and the national league on asphalt. And this success is no accident. Training takes place up to four times a week and the fighting team is well established. Chairman Bernhard Zellot: “They have been playing together for years. They are all marksmen from our community, which I am particularly proud of.” There are currently around 30 ice marksmen active in the club.
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