3rd confinement: Gabriel Attal reassures the French, Internet users are unleashed: Current Woman The MAG

While the scenario of a third confinement is on everyone's lips, the speeches of members of the government have been linked in recent days. Last speech to date: that of Gabriel Attal, who spoke at the end of a Council of Ministers organized Wednesday February 3, 2021. This press conference took place five days after the speech by Jean Castex, and the day after that of Emmanuel Macron.

Like the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic, the government spokesperson has discarded the idea of ​​imminent re-containment, however calling on the French to be vigilant. "The situation is in our hands, confinement is not inevitable. It is our collective efforts that will enable us to avoid it ", he stressed, before specifying that the figures of the Covid-19 epidemic are scrutinized daily and with the greatest attention. And to continue: "We are on a high plateau, but more or less stable. We must remain extremely careful and attentive. We are engaged in a national mobilization to avoid a reconfinement. We will always take the necessary measures, but containment is the last resort. "

Angry Internet users

The statements of Gabriel Attal did not take long to make Internet users react. Indeed, on the Web, many are those to have expressed their anger, and they did not mince their words. "Gabriel Attal the little parrot", "Gabriel Attal better get down to business rather than pulling out this stuff, "" Gabriel Attal, the government never takes action when it is needed. He is always six months late (masks, tests, vaccines and confinement), he takes the French for imbeciles, for three week old rabbits "," It is certain, it is not inevitable when you touch your salary, that we have a driver, all expenses paid by the taxpayer and that in addition he eats at the ministers' restaurant … ", we read among the messages posted on Twitter.

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