4 tips to help you suffer less

With the arrival of spring, we are officially entering the pollen allergy season for 12 million French people. But these tips can help you experience them better.

Crying eyes, itchy throat, runny nose, wouldn’t it feel the return of pollen allergies? Indeed, with the health crisis, we would almost forget the great classics of life, but Mother Nature reminds us of them. Knowing that 20% of children from 9 years old and 30% of adults have this kind of allergy, there is a real public health issue here. And in this spring of 2021, even confined, trees and flowers release their secretions. Fortunately, the National Aerobiological Surveillance Network (RNSA) watch out for pollen peaks via vigilance bulletins that you can consult regularly. But to properly enjoy the beautiful days without liquid escaping your nasal cavities, some tips are needed.

# 1 Air out your home at certain times of the day

Open your windows before and after sunset. It is at these times, especially in the morning, that the pollen count is at its highest. To avoid aggravating your irritations, avoid tobacco, cleaning or DIY products and interior fragrances.

# 2 wash your hair at night

After a long day, pollen may have settled on your hair, even on a brief outing. You must therefore rinse them in the evening to get rid of them or at least brush them. The same goes for clothes: do not dry them outside, because the pollen settles on them.

# 3 When you move outdoors, protect yourself

In a car, keep the windows closed. When traveling on foot, prefer the end of the day (before curfew, of course). In addition to your mask, bring sunglasses. Avoid outdoor activities like gardening, mowing the lawn and even playing sports.

# 4 use natural remedies to relieve yourself

Make yourself a good herbal tea with nettle and peppermint. This drink is known to counter the pain of arthritis, help fight insomnia and combat seasonal allergies.

Above all, do not hesitate to seek advice from your doctor who may prescribe antihistamine tablets and local corticosteroids. Good luck !

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