40 pieces at low prices

To motivate yourself to get back to sport, we couldn’t find better than to bet on a super stylish outfit that we will really want to wear! Focus on 40 sportswear pieces for less than €30… to shop now!

After the holiday feasts, for many, the first resolution of the year is to get back into the sport. And what a good resolution! Very beneficial for health (and morale) sport allows you to clear your mind and relax, in addition to sculpting a body of a goddess. At each end of the session, the endorphins released make you feel good in your head and in your sneakers.

Fitness, HIIT, running, yoga, pilates, dance or even boxing, whatever discipline you choose, you will need the right outfit. That’s good, to compensate for the onset of cold weather, this season’s sportswear is adorned with shades of soft and vibrant colors. All this, without any compromise on the technicality of the materials and the cuts… Here is our instruction manual to equip you accordingly.

How to choose the best sportswear?

To indulge in your favorite sport, the most important thing is to be comfortable. To do this, it is essential to invest in the right outfit, both effective and comfortable. Be careful, you don’t wear the same sports clothes for a fitness session as for going for a jog or yoga! Here are the first parameters to take into account before your purchase: what sport will you practice and will it be outdoors? It is important to consider the weather conditions when choosing your sports outfits, especially if you plan to practice outdoors.

If you set your sights on yoga or pilates, know that it is better to choose comfortable clothes, not too tight or too loose. You need to be able to breathe and move easily, and your outfit should be warm enough not to cool you down if you have to hold the poses for a while. For this, we recommend special leggings and long-sleeved t-shirts, in an antiperspirant material.

For runners, there is a myriad of suitable sportswear that is both comfortable and breathable. Leggings, shorts, t-shirts, long-sleeved tops… They easily wick away moisture and heat to regulate your body temperature. If you plan to run even in bad weather, we advise you to arm yourself with waterproof clothing such as a hooded windbreaker or a k-way, without skimping on accessories that keep you warm such as a hat and gloves with thermal lining. . Finally, if you practice jogging in winter, do not hesitate to choose pieces adorned with logos or reflective prints in order to be visible in the dark.

Those who love outdoor sports can opt for shorts, cyclists, tank tops and other short-sleeved t-shirts as soon as the weather returns. Prefer models available in a light, breathable but also UV-resistant material, which have the advantage of drying quickly.

Where to find a nice sports outfit at low prices?

Thanks to the growing craze for sport, technical and breathable clothing is no longer reserved for top athletes… for our greatest happiness! Yes, in recent years, our favorite fashion brands have entered the race, offering stylish and super affordable sportswear collections. On the program: microfiber leggings, sports bras with perfect support, top in high-tech anti-perspirant material… These pieces with flattering cuts are adorned with flashy colors and other patterns that are right on trend.

Thus, for several seasons, we have been discovering beautiful pieces at Roxy, Etam, H&M, Boohoo, Shein, Mango… If the Ivy Park brand offers special running sweaters, this is also the case at Uniqlo, ASOS or Kiabi, which present equipment adapted to your sports practices, at very low prices.

Discover without further delay our selection of outfits to play sports in style… and without getting angry with your banker!

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