5 Hangover Mistakes To Avoid Now!

A hangover is never a cause for joy. You want to get rid of it as soon as possible: With coffee? Aspirin? Or sport? All nonsense! Five Mistakes We All Make When Fighting Hangover!

Anyone who has ever had a hangover knows how difficult and tedious it can be to get rid of. With your last bit of strength you try all the tricks and tips to put an end to the misery.

Unfortunately, we make one mistake after the other: We grab coffee, aspirin, cigarettes and possibly try to get something between our teeth as quickly and effortlessly as possible – and grab sweets (after all, you don't have to prepare or warm them up! ).

With this all-popular hangover behavior, however, we are subject to one mistake after another! Here are the five biggest hangover mistakes that (almost) everyone makes over and over again:

1. Hangover Mistake: Take Aspirin!

Headache and body aches, nausea, dizziness: if you looked too deep into the glass the night before, you will feel as if your last hour has struck. The only way out, it seems to us, is the little white miracle drug from the pharmacy: Aspirin!

Unfortunately, there is hardly anything worse than using this pain reliever to fight the hangover. According to molecular biologists, it even inhibits the breakdown of alcohol in the body, making the hangover worse instead of curing it. The reason for this sounds obvious: Alcohol and painkillers get into our bloodstream and are broken down by our body in the same way. If you swallow an aspirin, for example, the body stops the breakdown of alcohol and devotes itself to processing the pain reliever.

To top it all off, we put a double and triple load on our liver with the alcohol-painkiller combination. Conclusion: aspirin for hangovers is not worth it!

2. Hangover mistake: coffee first!

If we somehow manage to get out of bed with a booming head, it usually leads us to the kitchen first: a strong coffee is needed! Caffeine is the solution to the solutions, the holy grail of resuscitation, the first step towards sobering up!

But wait! All just a mistake! Coffee doesn't make you sober at all!

Yes, the shock runs deep when you first hear it. But it's the bitter truth: Coffee doesn't accelerate the breakdown of alcohol in the least! It may bring our circulation back on its toes – unfortunately, the brown elixir of life does not create more.

3. Hangover mistake: sweat out alcohol!

"Just sweat the alcohol out again," is often well-intentioned advice to those who have a hangover. Anyone who has already followed this (for my part, a respectful "Chapeau!" At this point) has probably noticed: You can do it, but you can also let it go.

Because the news (good for all those who don't like sports) is: With your head booming, you have to go Not Do sport – especially not with the aim of sweating out the residual alcohol! The simple reason: The alcohol is hidden in our blood – not in our sweat glands. Accordingly, it cannot simply be "sweated out", as the myth says. Then you can save yourself the hangover sport right away – and rather go for a run one day or the other later …

4. Hangover mistake: cigarette to wake you up!

Some can no longer see cigarettes after a night of drinking, others speak of a kind of counter-cigarette, which eases the hangover. What is true and what is nonsense?

The smokers now have to be really strong: The cigarette afterwards (we are still talking about the night of drinking …) doesn’t help against the hungover skull!

It can be that you feel more awake after the first glowing stick feels – but that is not to be trusted. Nicotine is not an actual cure for the hangover – as it is, it is a harmful drug like alcohol itself. So it happens that just one cigarette can make the hangover worse instead of improving it. After all, the body now has to break down another poison in the body, similar to pain relievers.

5. Hangover mistake: snacking on sweets!

Anyone who struggles to put one foot in front of the other without running into the door rarely feels like positioning themselves in the kitchen to cook a nutritious, balanced meal – understandable. However, if you come across a drawer with sweets in search of ready-made meals, you should exercise restraint. Not because of the dizzying amount of empty calories in it, but because of the sugar.

This increases the alcohol effect – the hangover can get even worse than it already is. We have secretly known for a long time that this knowledge is actually true: Anyone who has ever sipped sweet cocktails will have recognized that the alcohol "pops" much faster than with low-sugar alcoholic drinks.

To cheer up, however, it should be added: You are still allowed to sin on a hangover day. If you can't curb your appetite for red and white fries, roast chicken, burgers or pizza, you can give it free rein: it's just our body's cry for lost salts. You should of course avoid Cola, Fanta and Sprite because of the high sugar content. Still water by the liter is still better and for all time. Bottom up!

Video tip: Barbara Schöneberger about the hangover