5 holiday must-haves: Editor packs her beauty suitcase

Minimalism is a word that is foreign to me – at least when it comes to beauty products. Through my work I test, retain and love way too much and that becomes my undoing when packing my suitcase. But numbered are the days when half my luggage consisted of cosmetics! Now I know exactly which five products will make my holiday perfect.

5 holiday must-haves: Beauty editor opens her traveling treasure chest

For me, on holiday, beauty products should best serve more than one purpose. I’m trying to get rid of my usual squeamishness – I’m talking about 15 steps within the skincare routine – to spend less time in the bathroom and to reduce myself completely to the essentials. With these five holiday must-haves, it works for me.

1. Aloe vera gel

Where do I like to go on vacation? The main thing is warm! A normal body lotion is sweated off in no time. Nevertheless, after shaving I need something to soothe my skin. Even after sunbathing (with SPF 50 of course!) my skin needs moisture. Aloe vera gel absorbs instantly so I can use it throughout the day when my skin feels dehydrated. I love using it on my face too, provided it’s pure and unperfumed. I even apply it to wet hair before washing it as a mask or as a hair gel substitute for sleek looks. An all-round talent from head to toe!

2. BHA Spray

A slightly more specialized product that may not yet be in every makeup bag is a BHA scrub. As the keyword “peeling” already suggests, the aim is to gently remove flakes of skin and thereby prevent impurities. The beta-hydroxy acid is fat-soluble, penetrates deep into the skin with its small molecules and helps to regulate sebum production. Especially when I apply sunscreen several times on holiday, go into the sea or lie down on the sand, my skin often reacts with impurities. This chemical peel not only keeps your face clean, but also your body: buy a BHA spray for your vacation so that you can easily spray it on your back, décolleté or under your armpits after shaving – it helps also for ingrown hairs. The AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner from cosrx (around 18 euros) is a good choice for this.
Tip: If you already have a BHA scrub at home, you can simply transfer it to an (old) spray bottle.

3. Jojoba Oil

I know what you’re thinking: “Oil, isn’t that way too greasy for hot summer days?” – Yes and no. I would never apply it neat and en masse to my face and body. But since the combination of water and wind dries out my skin, it feels uncomfortably tight after the shower in the evening. Just a few drops of jojoba oil mixed into your hyaluron face serum or body lotion will give your skin back what it has lost. The best thing about jojoba oil is that it doesn’t promote breakouts. Because it deprives microorganisms that can lead to acne or comedogens of the basis of life. My favorite tip for days by the sea (when hairstyle isn’t an issue) is to apply the oil from scalp to tip. This way you care for your dry hair and the scalp is also good for the skin-soothing effect. I then style my hair in a sleek bun so that the oil is not noticeable. My personal favorite is the cold-pressed organic jojoba oil from Colibri, around 20 euros.

4. Sunscreen Spray

You’ve probably already wondered when it’s finally time: NOW! Of course, I cover myself with plenty of sunscreen when I’m on vacation. One for the face, one for the body and yes, I even have a non-greasy hand cream with SPF – I’m not skimping on that category! A product that’s a little less obvious is a sunscreen spray for the face and scalp. But I’m talking about a fine spray that comes from a vacuum bottle, has SPF 50, is water-resistant, fragrance-free and does not sting the eyes. Great recommendations here: Garnier Ambre Solaire Super UV Spray (around 9.50 euros) and the La Roche-Posay Anthelios facial spray (around 17 euros). You can simply throw these sprays in your handbag and apply them at any time – even over your make-up. The scalp and the parting of the hair in particular are often forgotten anyway and can be protected in this way.

5. Antiperspirant

Yes, I know antiperspirant isn’t the best thing to put your armpits through all the time. But when it comes down to it, it performs like a champion. And that’s exactly what I need on vacation, because worrying about sweat stains drives me away from relaxation. The Rexona Antiperspirant Deocreme Maximum Protection, around 5 euros, keeps you dry and smells good. If need be, a small amount is also applied to other sweaty areas, for example under the breasts. A real game changer is applying antiperspirant to the inner thighs, as it always keeps me from getting those nasty pimples that come from the combination of sweat and friction (when walking).


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