5 little-known anecdotes about the journalist

We loved it so much! Jean-Pierre Pernaut died at the age of 71. He hosted TF1’s 13H news for 33 years. But do you really know him?

“Tom’s father, Lou, Olivier and Julien died of lung cancer”. Such was the terrible declaration, this March 2, 2022, of the agent of Nathalie Marquay, wife of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. After a long battle against inoperable lung cancer, the famous presenter of TF1’s 1 p.m. newscast died at the age of 71.

If he had a passion for current events and the French, the one who cultivated his outspokenness also liked many other things. There are many anecdotes about Jean-Pierre Pernaut. It must be said that he was colorful and left no one indifferent. To remember him, we have selected five memorable anecdotes.

First of all, you should know that Jean-Pierre Pernaut did his news for 33 years, without a teleprompter! It’s a feat and he was the only one to do this at TF1. However, he was not brilliant at school. This is what he confided in his book To tell you allreleased in 2006. Indeed, he repeated his sixth and second grades, tripled his final and failed twice at the Bac…

A great athlete

Yes, because what fascinated him in life was sport, in general. Like his son Olivier Pernaut, he loved motorsport. And that’s not all. Jean-Pierre Pernaut was three times French field hockey champion with the Amiens team! What a track record.

Finally, he enjoyed relaxing by gardening. He entrusted to Paris Matchin 2016: “My great passion is gardening. I couldn’t live without nature, without digging and seeing my plants grow.”

Jean-Pierre Pernaut will be missed by many French people. His wife Nathalie Marquay expressed her sadness on Instagram by posting a black frame. The one who made the heyday of TF1 and recently mounted his web TV, had four children to whom he was very close: Julia, Olivier, Lou and Tom. The first two are from his first union with Dominique Bonnet. The two youngest are the fruit of his love with Miss France 1987, Nathalie Marquay.

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