5 multi local games of 2021 perfect for family play

Local multiplayer is gradually making its comeback, after having completely disappeared from the radar in recent years. It is still too rare for our taste, so much the pleasure of the game can be increased tenfold when an app is played by several people within the same room. We were still heavy this year, since this selection includes the winner of the famous Game Awards, el famoso It Takes Two.

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If you like a challenge, you’ve come to the right place: discover our selection of the 5 most difficult games of the year, in very different genres: RPG, rogue-lite, or even metroidvania.

It Takes Two

To do as a couple if you have the chance: It Takes Two was voted best family game at the Game Awards and it is well deserved. Even if the story of the couple in full separation and who go in search of redemption, will not resonate in the same way with everyone, impossible to remain unmoved by so much inventiveness. The varied gameplay phases follow one another at the speed of light and many ideas well exploited make you dizzy. A must have for this year 2021.

Developed by the Hazelight studio on behalf of Electronic Arts, It Takes Two is a platform / puzzle game to be discovered exclusively in two-person cooperation. Discover our opinion on the new joke of Josef Fares and his teams!

Mario Party Superstars

A classic for successful evenings with friends or family. Mario Party Superstars has the good taste to come back to the bases which made the success of the series, present since the very first episode on Nintendo 64. So yes, we see you coming: still warmed up. And in fact we can hardly prove you wrong, but unless you remember the original trays, MPS should still get you a lot of fun and break up some friendships in the process.

The mustached plumber returns in a new edition of Mario Party. This time called Superstars, the title is a compendium of everything that the opuses of the series have been able to bring. So, is the mix successful?


Playable in two in local cooperation, Chicory will allow the second player to control an additional brush, a tool which is of immense importance in the gameplay. Thanks to him, the substitute will be able to progress in the different tables of the game: coloring certain elements of the decor will cause reactions conducive to the resolution of certain puzzles.. We also put it in our selection of indie games for 2021, play it and you will certainly understand why.

Pico Park

A very small price (€ 4.99 on Steam), a game playable from two to eight players in cooperation and gameplay mechanics that are stupid, but formidable when put into practice: this is the little miracle of Picto Park, one of the hidden gems of Uncle Gabe Newell’s store. It’s up to you to solve the puzzles of the game by building pyramids small colored kittens in pixels. A small killing with the maximum number of players, but like Mario Party, beware of the conflicts it could generate.

Bowser Fury from Super Mario 3D World

Excellent for introducing a toddler to 3D platform games, Bowser’s Fury’s multiplayer mode doesn’t break bricks on paper and yet, he could quickly win the membership of a parent-child duo. By taking control of Bowser Junior, the second player is able to nab coins, immobilize enemies and paint anything that moves (or not). It may be interesting for the parent to take control of this second character, to serve as an indicator for the child, by immobilizing certain targets or by indicating the path to follow.

The Plumber is back on Nintendo Switch, this time with an episode entirely dedicated to the platform with 3D World, an episode which dates all the same at the end of 2013 and originally released on WiiU. But as we will see, he has some good leftovers, especially since he has another choice piece.


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