5 supposed “flaws” that men often find really sexy

Big nose? So what!
5 supposed “flaws” that men often find really sexy

It is well known that tastes are different.


Almost everyone knows it: uncertainties when it comes to our appearance. We are our own biggest critics. Do not you think? The survey in the video proves it.

A slightly larger nose, stretch marks and legs could also be shaved again. Do these thoughts sound familiar to you? We all torment ourselves from time to time when it comes to our looks. However, completely unnecessary. After all, we ourselves are usually our biggest critics: inside – and others sometimes even find our supposed flaws really sexy.

We are beautiful the way we are – by the way, the men think so too

In a recent Reddit poll, men tell what they find really attractive about women – even though it does not correspond to common beauty ideals. And if men already love our little “flaws”, maybe we should finally do it.

Source used: reddit.com