6 sublime ways to adopt the Pantone color of the year 2024 in your makeup

It’s the most trendy color of the year 2024, the Peach Fuzz shade is perfect for making us look good. We reveal 6 ways to spruce up your makeup with it, so you can finally adopt it!

Our decryption of makeup trends of 2024 announced it to you, peach colored is the favorite color of the year for our daily makeup. And that’s good, because peach and apricot shades have no equal when it comes to enhancing the complexion and flattering it to give us a healthy glow. Elected Pantone color of the year 2024there shade Peach Fuzz East “a color radiating warmth and modern elegance” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director for the Pantone Color Institute. But if it is everywhere but we don’t always know how adopt it in our makeup routine.

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As Tom Sapin and Marieke Thibaut, makes-up artists for Mac, recently told us, this kind of vitaminized nuance can be played with in focus on the lips or eyes, with why not a blush in the same orange tones, or even on the entire face for a total look. It’s also a must-have lipstick color for spring-summer 2024, which is perfect for rejuvenating the face. We present to you without further ado perfect makeup products for adopting color the most trendy of the year, to wear alone or together for a Peach Fuzz look to die for.

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Makeup: 6 products to adopt the Peach Fuzz trend your own way

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Stick Multi-Purpose Blush Stick in shade 02 Daring Peach

Ultra practical, this blush in the form of a stick with an energizing peach color is perfect for highlighting the cheekbones of your “healthy glow” halo with ease. Its light texture offers buildable coverage, which allows you to intensify the result if desired. Super practical for a total look, it can also be applied to the eyes and lips.

Mavala Mini Color nail polish in Magic shade 297

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In addition to offering the perfect peach shade to enhance your nails with the makeup trend of the year, this inexpensive nail polish comes in a small, space-saving bottle that limits waste. Perfect for succumbing to the trend without breaking the bank!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Matte Liquid Blush in Peach Pop

Ideal for easily applying this “healthy glow” color which should not be overused, this liquid blush, the pack of which has a foam tip, has been designed to flatter absolutely all skin tones. Like the entire Pillow Talk range from Charlotte Tilbury, this peachy shade has been chosen to flatter all skin tones without distinction.

Lavera Cream Glow lipstick in Pink Grapefruit 05

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To wear this color on your lips, we recommend this moisturizing lipstick which fights against dry lips while sprucing them up with this trendy shade. With its shiny satin finish, it is perfect for avoiding fine lines on and around the lips.

Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Liquid Eyeshadow in Nearly Apricot

Orange colors can be scary, especially in the form of powdery eyeshadows which are sometimes difficult to blend when their formulas are ultra pigmented. You won’t have this problem with this liquid eye shadow whose intensity is buildable and which spreads very easily before transforming into powder on the eyelids. The eye makeup it offers is also long-lasting and water-resistant.

The Dior Forever Glow Maximizer Highlighter by Dior in shade 015

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This hydrating liquid highlighter, full of pearls, fuses with the skin to illuminate the complexion without any material effect. Its applicator, similar to that of a gloss, allows you to dose the product correctly so as not to overdo it. It also makes it easier to work on the complexion by applying it according to desires and needs with touches of radiance as a highlighter, blush, bronzer or even as a flash of colored light on the eyelids.

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