7 sentences that get on the nerves of breastfeeding women

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7 sentences that get on the nerves of breastfeeding women

Breastfeeding mother with baby in her arms

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Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world – you might think. In reality, breastfeeding women are often faced with countless unsolicited advice and comments. This is at least frustrating, but often even triggers insecurity or anger in the women concerned. We don’t want to hear these sentences anymore.

1. “Phew, do you really have to breastfeed in public?”

Poof – that’s how quickly your own lack of need for breastfeeding in public vanishes into thin air. Admittedly: Fortunately, it doesn’t bother many people in the least. But the few who then feel they have to say something, especially first-time mothers, often completely upset them at the beginning. And the crazy hormones unfortunately don’t exactly ensure that you stay completely relaxed.

2. “If you do it like that, it will work a lot better.”

Well-intentioned tips like these are simply superfluous. Because after initial (perhaps hesitant) trying things out, each mom develops an individual feeling for how and where breastfeeding works best and what preferences their own child has.

3. “How much longer will it take?”

Maybe it’ll take a while. Maybe not. Because in the course of the breastfeeding relationship, the breastfeeding intervals also change. The breastfeeding mom has to adjust to this again and again – and the environment too, please. It’s guaranteed not to get any faster with stress.

4. “Are you still breastfeeding?”

Gladly followed by: “But the little one is already so old. He could already eat something right now, right?” Is there a perfect breastfeeding period for everyone? Probably not. Please ignore it confidently and let your own feeling. Sometimes difficult, but mostly worth it.

5. “How? You don’t love breastfeeding (anymore)?”

And the whole thing also works the other way round: If mothers do not breastfeed long enough in the eyes of the other, there are often questioning faces as well. Unfortunately, sometimes with the result that mothers doubt themselves and feel insecure about their personal decision. Unnecessary! Better to listen to your own intuition and just do it.

6. “Do you have enough milk too?”

The new mom may feel insecure and stressed because breastfeeding is not working quite the way she would like. Unsolicited comments definitely won’t change the situation for the better. Estimates of weight, milk production and the like are best carried out by professionals, i.e. above all midwives or lactation consultants. Breastfeeding women are on the safe side.

7. “Breastfeeding and going to work – really now?”

Are you getting back to work and the baby and mom are still enjoying their breastfeeding relationship a lot? Both are also possible! You don’t have to put up with such a sentence as a breastfeeding woman. Good arrangements and organizational skills are required – but it works!


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