90-year-old unharmed – control of gas burner lost: hedge was on fire

Fortunately, a 90-year-old was unharmed on Monday afternoon on his property in Spittal: He was removing weeds and moss residues from the asphalt with a gas burner when the neighbor’s fence suddenly caught fire. . .

The man tried in vain to extinguish the fire with water from his garden hose. A neighbor noticed the heavy smoke and sounded the alarm – the Spital / Drau fire brigade was able to contain the fire quickly. The amount of damage not known. The man is displayed.

One policeman: “Gas burners are touted as a good weed killing method in local shops. But if you can’t control such a device, it becomes dangerous. In this case, carelessness was accompanied by dry leaves, which kindled fire on the fence and plastic privacy screens.