A free divorce to be won for Valentine's Day

To celebrate in its own way, and it is little to say it, Valentine's Day, a law firm offers to win a free divorce on February 14. Interested?

Love stories end either well or badly, but rarely by fluke. A US law firm, the Powers Law Firm, located in Tennessee, however offers to play its break lottery style. A great communication stunt: the firm has decided to win a completely free divorce, CNN reported on January 16, 2021. An ingenious way to attract future clients and create a buzz.

Surf on love, deja vu, but on the breakup, what a disconcerting initiative. Which however has an explanation. "Many people stay married just because they can't afford a divorce. The procedures are very expensive. In general, [in the USA], it starts around $ 1,150 [Editor's note: around 1,000 euros] and not everyone has such a sum ", Timothy Sexton, a legal assistant with the Powers Law Firm, tells CNN. “After what we went through during the pandemic, the lockdowns, the nation divided during the presidential election, some people have reached a tipping point. They need a way out. So we are offering them the opportunity to move forward in life ", he added.

Divorce without paying a dollar, okay, but under conditions

Dislike yourself is not the only prerequisite to be able to participate in this contest. Participants must be residents of Tennessee. Then simply send an email to the lawyers, explaining the reasons for the separation to [email protected] All before February 15, 2021, the day after Valentine's Day. We will therefore have to grit our teeth a little more during the day during the feast of lovers. The lucky winner will finally be selected on February 19, 2021. The law firm insists that the divorce be accepted by both parties and that it involves little or no custody issues. children. The only cost not covered: the parental education course required in the US for divorces involving minors.

Among the participations are an elderly couple with disabilities and separated for 20 years, but who could not afford a divorce due to their limited income. "We're a tight-knit community and we don't like to see people in pain, so if there is anything we can do to help someone, we want to do it.", said Timothy Sexton. Love is beautiful…

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