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Postponed for eighteen months, the twenty-fifth opus of the saga Jump carries on his shoulders a burden too heavy for him. Embody the white knight of business recovery in a film industry severely marked by falling attendance. Organize the farewell of the interpreter of the title role, Daniel Craig, who plays him for the fifth and final time. To renew, in passing, a character who has become slightly anachronistic. Finally, send warning signs of his succession, the most “woke” bets being open.

That’s a bit much for a playboy whose DNA made in the sixties consists of driving cars, putting pretty girls in bed, collecting gadgets and, incidentally, saving the West with every movie. Although the finest connoisseurs of the saga will rightly point out that this image has long since been outdated, Daniel Craig having inaugurated precisely the modern era of a Bond abandoning elegance in favor of the castagne, but passing concomitantly through the sieve of psychoanalysis, unhappy loves and a veneer of psychic complexity.

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In any case, the beginnings of answers provided by the film to these various questions are more than disappointing. As Tenet, by Christopher Nolan, as Black widow, by Cate Shortland – also expected as the Messiah by the operators -, To die can wait is, alas, a failed film, without even being able to take advantage of the formalist ambitions of the first or the electrifying charm of the second, interpreted by Scarlett Johansson. Here we find the heroes where the previous opus left them, Spectrum, with a couple in full bloom – Bond and Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) -, as well as the super-criminal Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz), creator of the formidable organization Specter, thrown in high security prison for the end of his days.

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To die can wait re-roll the dice, in four directions. A new sentimental denting with the possible betrayal of Madeleine. Preparing for retirement in Jamaica, where, after returning his badge to MI6, he fishes like an old boy. A return to business caused by the appearance of a new international psychopath named Safin (Rami Malek), a sad orphan who intends to make the whole world pay by stealing a formidable viral weapon from MI6. Finally, the confrontation-collaboration within the British services with the new 007, a young black woman of sculptural presence named Nomi (Lashana Lynch).

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