A mink farm contaminated by Covid-19 in France, 1,000 animals will be slaughtered


For the first time in France, a mink farm was contaminated by Covid-19 in Eure-et-Loir. More than 1000 animals still present on the site will soon be slaughtered.

After Denmark, France has also just detected for the first time the presence of Covid-19 in a mink farm, in Eure-et-Loir, the ministries of Agriculture, Health and the ecological transition. "The slaughter of all 1,000 animals still present on the farm and the disposal of products from these animals" was ordered as stated in the press release.

On the four mink breeding sites that still exist in France, one is unharmed and "analyzes are still underway in the last two ". The results should be known in the course of next week.

In Europe, several countries are facing contaminations from mink farms, mainly in Denmark but also in the Netherlands, Greece, Sweden as well as Italy and Spain. Yesterday, Saturday November 21, Danish breeders demonstrated to protest against the government decision to slaughter all their animals. This Sunday, the French government recalled the importance of barrier gestures in this context as well, in order to protect mink from contamination.

France is one of the few European countries which still allows this type of breeding. For several years, animal rights associations have called for the closure of the last four fur farms in France. They do not fail to denounce the horror experienced by animals in their cages. The Covid-19 pandemic has once again shown that these places are conducive to epidemics as more than a million mink have been slaughtered on European farms.

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