A model killed and dismembered before Fashion Week, the news item that sends shivers down your spine

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Terrible drama in the fashion world, since the Chinese model Abby Choi was killed and her body found dismembered in Tai Po, one of the districts of Hong Kong.

horror scene in the middle of Fashion Week, with the discovery of the lifeless body of a famous model. Missing for a few days, the Hong Kong catwalk star Abby Choi was finally found dead and dismembered on February 24. As the newspaper reports The Straits Timeparts of his body were cooked, and some were stored in a refrigerator. Local police also found human tissue in two pots of soupand but also on the floor of the house located in the village of Tai Po, in the suburbs of the semi-autonomous Chinese city, where the tragedy took place. An electric saw and a meat grinder were also discovered at the scene. “The body parts we found were inside the refrigerator. There is two legs belonging to a woman. We’re still looking for head, torso and hands“, then declared a member of the criminal unit of West Kowloon, a district of Hong-Kong.

From the day after this appalling discovery worthy of a butcher’s shop, Abby Choi’s ex-husband was arrested by the police as he tried to flee by boat. The father, mother and older brother of this man, with whom the model was not on good terms, were also arrested. All were charged on Monday, February 27. According to the Hong Kong police, money would be at the heart of this macabre incident. “Someone resented the victim’s handling of his estate, which became a motive to kill her“, explained one of the investigators.

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A model in the wind

Before losing her life in a brutal and barbaric way, Abby Choi had a bright future ahead of her. fashionable modeland respected influencer with 144,000 followers to her credit, the Chinese who was 28 years old, had managed to make herself a name in the fashion world. Front rows of fashion shows, covers of major magazines such as vogue And Harper’s Bazaar, Abby Choi was ready to take on the world. “I am someone who never stops being inspired, I always try new styles… Sometimes I also try to be more extravagant by mixing and mixing different outfits“, she confided at the beginning of February to theOfficial Monacoof which she’s currently making headlines.

Passionate about fashion, beauty and people, she will be able to reveal the latest information on women’s news. Without forgetting the secrets of the royal elite and in particular of the British monarchy, which …

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