a mother faced with a concern for her future childbirth, she confides

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Aurélie Vantorre, candidate for this new season of “Large families: life in XXL” and currently pregnant with her fifth child, delivered on a new binding concerning her next delivery.

After a difficult start to the year for the Vantorre family (Large families: life in XXL), marked by the operation of little Maxence, 3 years old, a happy event is looming for the clan. Indeed, Aurélie, the mother of the family, is expecting her fifth child. 4 months pregnantthe one who recently left Martinique to put down her boxes in the south-east of France following the transfer of her husband Mathieu, a professional soldier, is already looking into her future childbirth and all the paperwork who accompanies him. In an Instagram story published on Thursday June 1, 2023, the 30-year-old was surprised at the terms on this subject, she who has never given birth in France.

My first three children were born in Monaco. Maxence was born in Martinique, at the Fort-de-France hospital, I never had – and I say ‘never’ – to register myself or register the children so that I could give birth in these places.”, confided Aurélie, not hiding his annoyance. And to continue:For me, it’s a logical continuation, I was giving birth as close as possible [du lieu où] I lived. I was followed on the end of pregnancy, each time in these places, but hey… Someone comes, is pregnant and has to give birth, moves around and gives birth without us being able to block her, even if she is not not in the right place where did not register!” The mother of Mathias, Amélie, Angélie and Maxence will therefore have to comply with these new requirements, she who moved to the Pink City. “I discovered that, in Toulouse and its surroundings, you have to register! I applied to the nearest clinic, but it’s already fifteen minutes away. Maxence, ‘baby 4’, was born in an hour… I’m very apprehensive, especially since things went wrong with Max…” she concluded, emphasizing that she found the situation “aberrant”.

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Vantorre family: their difficult return to mainland France

Aurélie Vantorre and her whole little tribe will therefore have to get used to their new life in the south of France and all the new requirements attached to it. A real change of scenery for them, as the mother had explained to Télé-Loisirs after his departure from Martinique : “It was complicated to leave the life we ​​had, our entourage too. I tore my children away from their friends, because we don’t know when we’ll be back… We all want to keep our ties, so we send each other messages at least once a week. But it’s complicated to change our habits… It hurt our hearts to leave.” And to add wistfully : “For Christmas, we had a tradition there which consisted of celebrating it on the beach, in the water, with all our friends, there were a lot of us and we took lots of photos. Their first Christmas away from Martinique inevitably had a different flavor. We have many moments of nostalgia, memories, but we try to move forward.


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