a new patch already brings some changes

Diablo 4 has just received a new small update (1.0.2) on consoles and PC. The difficulty of the game as well as the Sorcerer and Rogue classes are mainly affected by these changes. The first of a long series to come certainly.

Blizzard had said it would be very careful with Diablo 4. Even if the studio said that the main patches were only released every season, the hotfixes will be deployed as soon as possible. These small updates usually aim to adjust two or three things at most. Diablo 4 received two just yesterday to modify its difficulty and reworked two of the five available classes. A bit of balancing all in all, but nothing about the big licensing bug on PS5 that literally stops players from playing.

Patch (hotfix) 1.0.2 of Diablo 4 deployed from the launch on June 2, therefore attacks the Sorcerer and Thief classes. Small changes that will certainly act as nerves in the eyes of some. The Sorcerer’s Flame Shield, for example, could be equipped in a spell slot and used immediately, while the Rogue’s Inner Sight power had taken some cooldowns away.

Diablo 4 patch (hotfix) 1.0.2 on consoles and PC

The hotfix corrects all that and also increases the hit points of enemies in higher world difficulties. It will certainly not be “game changing” as they say, but the difficulty of the fights will necessarily be raised a bit and the balancing somewhat impacted as well. An evil ? Not really.
Everything was deployed in the most total silence since the fixes were made directly on the servers in complete transparency, without hindering the players. Finally, other minor fixes have been deployed. We put the full list of patch notes just below.

Patch Notes

Gameplay changes

  • Reduced the rate of obtaining the Elixir of Death Evasion recipe once it has already been learned.
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with items inheriting unwanted status from gems inserted into them.
  • Fixed an issue where Sorcerers could teleport underground in Serpent’s Passage.
  • Various stability and crash fixes.

Sorcerer Class Specialization

  • Flame Shield Enchantment
    • When Flame Shield is initially equipped in an enchantment slot, it is placed on full cooldown.

Rogue Class Specialization

  • Inside view
    • After Inner Sight’s unlimited energy expires, there will now be a 4 second delay before another enemy is marked.


  • Shout skill cooldown reduction
    • This affix will no longer appear on items.


  • Monster health values ​​have been increased in higher world tiers.

As a reminder, Diablo 4 will be available on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One on June 6th. However, you can play now in early access if you succumb to one of the two big editions of the game available on all platforms as well.

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