a new update available, what’s new?

EA FC 24 is getting a nice update with changes to career mode. Here’s what we can tell you on the subject, with the list of patch notes.

EA Sports recently rolled out update 1.16 for its flagship title EA FC 24, introducing a series of fixes and improvements focused primarily on Career Mode, Ultimate Team, as well as general gameplay tweaks. This update demonstrates the publisher’s continued commitment to refining the gaming experience and responding to user feedback. What’s new under the stadium sun?

EA FC 24 and Ultimate Team improvements

In Ultimate Team, several issues have been resolved to improve the player experience. Indeed, we can note:

  • Fixed an issue where a new level notification was displayed incorrectly without a level increase occurring.
  • Improved the location search functionality for concept players, which did not always work as expected.

These adjustments should provide a more intuitive interface.

Career Mode Fixes

Career mode, much appreciated for its immersion in football management, has also benefited from several important fixes:

  • Fixed a bug when changing difficulty for Legendary level. Where the AI ​​acceleration slider in game settings was incorrectly reduced.
  • Fixed an issue preventing shooter selection during penalty shootouts.
  • In Manager Career, a bug was fixed where after terminating a contract, the next job offer would sometimes incorrectly come from the same club.

That’s it for career mode. These changes aim to make Career mode more realistic and responsive, eliminating specific frustrations and tweaking the career management system.

General, audio and visual changes

Overall, EA Sports FC 24 saw an update to four-star heads. Which will be visible in game following a server update. Additionally, fixes have been made to resolve issues with incorrect text. And user interface issues and incorrect billboard displays. Occasional game instabilities have also been addressed to increase the reliability of the title.

In fact, EA Sports FC 24 update 1.16 is part of a process of continuous improvement. Highlighting EA’s effort to polish its football simulator in response to player feedback.

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