A Plague Tale: Requiem goes behind the scenes in a making-of during the Tribeca Games Showcase

After the success of the first opus A Plague Tale: Innocence released in 2019, its sequel A Plague Tale: Requiem is one of those games eagerly awaited by gamers around the world. Cocorico, the game created by the French from Asobo Studio is now in production for 3 years and was ready to show us more within the Tribeca Games Showcase of this Friday, June 10.

The opportunity for us to discover behind the scenes of the Bordeaux studio also behind Microsoft Flight Simulator, their new premises as well as discovering some of the faces behind a small team that has become one of the hottest studios of recent years. A dive into the heart of 14th century France.

I will go where you i-rat

Through this video of about ten minutes, we can see short sequences of A Plague Tale: Requiemfeaturing Amicia and Hugo De Rune seeming grown up compared to the previous game and plagued by new threats including the famous rats who stuck us in cold sweats in A Plague Tale: Innocence within environments that seem to have crossed a certain visual gap.

We also learn new information such as for example that Asobo Studio has acquired his own motion capture studio following the difficulties in creating new cinematics, clearly showing the ambition of its teams to become a major player in video games in the years to come. Teams also have their own home engineallowing them to respond to the issues specific to their games.

The team tells us about their work

Through the testimonies of three major figures of the studio, we know more about the process of creating such a production. Eric Dedeine, Creative Directorexplains in particular that after having inflated the teams from 12 enthusiasts to more than 250, the studio wanted to create this new license based on a History of France, a country rich in historical events, in order to create a story strongly anchored in the real life before incorporating fantasy elements such as hordes of rats.

Kevin Choteau, Game Director on A Plague Tale: Requiem, talks to us in particular about the difficulty of finding the right balance between a gameplay that is too action and a gameplay based on the infiltration of a young girl who is initially fragile. It also addresses the difficulty of representing the danger of an epidemic like the Black Death in the game, which was brought to the fore by the rats in their thousands attacking our characters.

Sebastien Renard, Lead Writer of the game, he tells us how the game’s narrative is built around exploration or combat sequences, with a love for their characters that they know by heart, while he emphasizes the importance of the role ofOlivier Derivierethe famous composer notably at work on Dying Light 2 lately, and the importance of working together as the music or the game gains in intensity.

A very beautiful sequence, all in immersion, like the Tribeca Games Showcase conference which gave the floor to the developers, in their native language for the most part, in order to present their work in complete sequences.

As a reminder, A Plague Tale: Requiem is always planned for 2022 without further details, on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch via the cloud. The game will be directly included in the Xbox Game Pass, which leads us to believe that it is possible that we will see the game again in the conference Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase from Sunday June 12 with potentially a reveal of the release date.

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