A premium of 100 euros per month for resuscitation nurses, says Castex

PARIS (Reuters) – The approximately 24,000 nurses in critical care and resuscitation services in France will receive a monthly bonus of 100 euros starting in January, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Tuesday.

“We are going to implement from the month of January 2022 (…) for the nurses of these critical care services a bonus of 100 euros per month”, declared Jean Castex on the sidelines of a visit to the hospital center of Crteil (Val de Marne).

This bonus aims to materialize an “indispensable recognition” in the face of “the difficulty of the tasks (which) can undermine the attractiveness of these” resuscitation and critical care services, “said the Prime Minister, who was accompanied by the Minister of Health, Olivier Vran.

This provision comes in advance of measures which should be announced by Olivier Vran after the reception next week of a report from the Igas (General Inspectorate of Social Affairs) on “the supply of critical care, response to current need and exceptional health situations “.

This “comprehensive plan”, in the words of the Prime Minister, will aim “to review the attractiveness, training, qualification, conditions of professional practice in these critical care services, to recognize the technical skills of those who work there. . ”

(Written by Marc Angrand and Myriam Rivet, said by Blandine Hnault)

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