“A slightly marked neckline, too garish a color”: Caroline Roux discusses the “misogynistic” criticism she receives about her outfits: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Alexandra Lamy, Faustine Bollaert, Valérie Damidot, Élise Lucet, Iris Mittenaere, Anne-Sophie Lapix, Amanda Lear… Whether they are actresses, journalists, singers, or even Miss Universe, an overwhelming majority of women – if not all – have already experienced sexist comments or attitudes in the television industry. “It’s almost once a week.” for Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, famous host of the show C to you on France 5. The only positive point in this distressing reality? Now, they dare to denounce misogynistic behavior. This is what Caroline Roux did in turn. The flagship face of France Télévision for more than 10 years, the presenter of C in the air has often been the victim of inappropriate remarks about his physique or his clothing. On social networks, many Internet users criticize him for his “excess of femininity”…including members of the fairer sex.

Caroline Roux denounces the lack of female solidarity in current society

During an interview with our colleagues from 7 Days TV, in the magazine on newsstands Monday January 22, 2024, Caroline Roux spoke about this glaring absence of sorority in current society. “What is quite surprising is that the most misogynistic comments come from women !”notes the former political columnist of Telematin. And to detail: “A slightly marked neckline, a too garish color, original shapes, and you are sure to receive comments.” An altogether distressing observation, but one which will never prevent Caroline Roux from doing what she sees fit. “I like to defend the freedom of women to dress as they wishconcludes the journalist.

And she is far from the first to deplore the ordinary sexism suffered by television personalities. “What is incredible is that it is women who are the most virulent towards other women”had declared Sophie Davant less than a week earlier in the show Buzz TVWednesday January 17, 2024. The 60-year-old host explained receiving “incredibly violent reactions”, when she is “poorly styled” or it seems “tired” with visible wrinkles. And of course, “These are reactions that no one has towards men”. We understand that there is still a long way to go, both to move towards better female solidarity and for a world in which misogyny no longer has a place.

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