A strange bug on Warzone disrupts the use of stims

A particularly surprising new bug has appeared in Warzone, knocking players into nothingness after using a stim.

With cheaters still present and the arrival of particularly frustrating new bugs, not to mention the multiple stability problems, the situation on Warzone is far from improving.

After the buying station bug, the one that makes the controllers unusable, or the sights bug, it’s now a completely different bug that has come to disrupt the daily lives of players.

This very strange bug produces an intriguing visual effect that covers the screen with flashes of white light, interrupting the course of events for the person experiencing it, as if they were suddenly plunged into nothingness.


Warzone Pacific Season 2 has been delayed so the developers can spend more time improving the state of the battle royale.

A strange bug is terrorizing Warzone

The bug started making headlines on Reddit as a player shared a clip of their mishap. In the video we can see him using a stimulant and the second after he seems to be plunged into nothingness. His screen went black, dotted with white flashes. Everything only returned to normal when he was downed by an opposing player.

“Anyone seen this before?” he asked on Reddit, completely bewildered.

When you think you’ve seen every possible bug, they surprise you with a new one”, said a player.

It must be said that in recent weeks many bugs have appeared on the battle royale. Coupled with other Warzone issues, the situation is just unbearable. So much so that many players have threatened to pack their bags if the situation does not improve.

The threat seems to have been heard by the developers who announced the postponement of the launch of Warzone Pacific season 2, informing players that they will focus on their work to rebalance and optimize the battle royale.

As the developers look for long-term solutions to rectify the situation, we can only hope that these kinds of visual bugs will soon be just a bad memory.

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