A student victim of transphobic insults: her harasser arrested and handcuffed in the middle of class: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

An extremely rare case, if not unprecedented, which could deter more than one person. Tuesday September 19, 2023, a student from a college in Alfortville (Val-de-Marne) was arrested in the middle of class, for threats and insults of a transphobic nature. The comments, which targeted a young transgender girl enrolled in another establishment in the city, were made by the young boy in an Instagram loop, according to information from the Parisian. Around 4 p.m., five police officers burst into the classroom of the schoolboy, previously identified thanks to his pseudonym in the group conversation. Questioned by our colleagues, students said they were surprised by this intervention. “They told him we are arresting you for harassment and death threats. They handcuffed him, then we heard him screaming in the hallways. We were all shocked.”. Some students even said: “We wouldn’t be believed in a film”.

The suicide of Nicolas, 15, has relaunched the debate on the fight against school bullying

Placed in police custody, the teenager admitted the facts on Tuesday September 19, 2023. “He was referred for death threats and intentional psychological violence leading to an arrest of less than eight days, due to sexual orientation,” according to the words of Créteil parquet reported by The Parisian, before adding that the schoolboy will be summoned later “with a view to implementing a criminal reparation measure”. The death threats and incitement to suicide would have justified the rapid intervention of the police. “Julie Benetti [la rectrice de Créteil] strongly condemns any act of harassment and cyberharassment and recalls the need to respond to any situation of harassment in an appropriate and appropriate manner. reacted the rectorate. After the suicide of Nicolas, 15, a victim of school bullying in Poissy and the outcry over the letter from the rectorate received by his parents, public institutions were keen to act. “We are discussing with the authorities concerned to understand under what conditions police officers may have been required to intervene in a school establishment to question a student in class”, the Créteil rectorate once again announced.

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