“A subcategory of the genre”, the comedian Cash on sexism in the world of culture

In a recent interview given to “Télé-Loisirs”, comedian Anne Roumanoff did not mince her words about the sexism that persists in the cultural sector. She notably returned to the discrimination she may have suffered in her thirty-five year career.

If there is one thing that Anne Roumanoff doesn’t joke about, it’s sexism. Last January, she was one of the 150 signatories of a forum in Release denouncing that published earlier in Le Figaro in support of Gérard Depardieu. In November 2023, she expressed on BFMTV her deep disagreement with Michel Sardou, who said he hated “wokism”. The comedian explained that he wanted “change behavior” from which sexist or racist acts may result.

The humor sector is also affected by sexist actions, according to Anne Roumanoff. Drawing on her thirty-five year career, she spoke to our colleagues at Tele-Leisure on the subject. “When I started in humor, we were made to feel that we, women, were a subcategory of gender. At festivals, there was only one woman, as if ‘the woman on duty’ was needed.she remembers.

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Anne Roumanoff denounces the paternalism she suffered at the start of her career

If she specifies that she has not suffered any attacks, Anne Roumanoff looks back on the sexist remarks she may have suffered at the beginning of his career. They called me ‘my little Anne’ when I’m not even that. Do you say ‘my little one’ to a guy? No !” she is indignant. To illustrate the difficulties she may have encountered, the comedian describes “a set of things: when you are a woman, you have to fight even moreprove yourself more, especially when you want to access positions of responsibility.”

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If, for her, these actions lasted “long years”Anne Roumanoff also notes that certain practices have evolvedparticularly from the media side. “Thank God, I no longer get asked the question: ‘Is there female humor?’ It makes me want to bite! You never ask a man if there is such a thing as masculine humor.”she notes.

“Stares” and “condescension”

While the cinema industry is shaken by cases of sexual violenceAnne Roumanoff salutes the freedom of actresses to speak out. “Women of my generation have suffered a lot. Not necessarily attacks, but looks, condescension. May today women be free, strong, independent, who take charge and let nothing slip, I think it’s fantastic progress.she rejoices.

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For someone who said she felt more and more feminist, “It is off the mark” And he’s staying “a lot to do” so that victims are heard and so that women are more respected in the cultural environment.


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