a sworn statement for contact cases


For the children to return to school, there is no need for a medical certificate but a certificate of honor requested from parents.

Tuesday, September 15, the government wanted to clarify the health protocol after the dissatisfaction of doctors. As a result, a child presented as a contact case or presenting symptoms, may return to class with a simple certificate from his parents.

A certificate of honor

Clarifications are in the spotlight! Yes, several weeks after the start of the school year, some families have found themselves destitute when their child is identified as a contact case or when he presents symptoms resembling the coronavirus. As such, parents found themselves forced to request a doctor's appointment, leading to overflow in waiting rooms.


From now on, children identified as contact cases will be able to return to class with a simple certificate from their parents stating that they have indeed performed a PCR test and that it is negative, without supporting evidence.
For children with symptoms related to the coronavirus, parents will not be required to present a medical certificate but will have to attest on honor that the doctor has ruled out such a diagnosis.

The alert from the Order of Physicians

In order to avoid an overflow in the waiting rooms of general practitioners, the public authorities have decided to clarify the health protocol. This announcement follows an alert from the Order of Physicians denouncing an increase in requests for medical certificates.

The Ministry of National Education followed the recommendations of the Order of Physicians, which, in a statement released Friday, September 11, said a medical certificate was not mandatory.
" The Ministry of National Education therefore does not ask parents to present a medical certificate of no contraindication and such a request from the establishments is not based on any legislative or regulatory obligation. ".

Several school closures

In France, less than 100 schools are closed due to contamination of the virus. This Wednesday, September 16, Jean Michel Blanquer declared on LCI that there are 2,100 closed classes and around 1,200 new student cases since the previous week.
The Minister of National Education reiterated that the protocol in place provides that a class can close " from three positive cases "Before specifying that it is" local health authorities who can make these decisions ".

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