“A target”, Fabienne Carat shows her support for the host

Close to Stéphane Plaza, who also allowed her to find her Parisian apartment in which she still lives today, Fabienne Carat reacted to the accusations of sexual violence which weigh on the host in the columns of Purepeople. The opportunity for the actress to show her support for the man who was once the French’s favorite TV host.

At 44, Fabienne Carat is experiencing an important chapter in her life, having been raising her daughter, Céleste, for two years as a single mother. Despite the magnitude of the task, she manages to perfectly combine her mother’s schedule with the multitude of projects she carries out. When she is not acting as an actress, as in the new season of Research Section on TF1, Fabienne Carat takes to the stage where she carries her show Born to a well-known father. This Wednesday February 14, 2024, the interpreter of Samia Nassri In More beautiful lifeconfided in the columns of PurePeople, where she notably mentioned this behavior adopted by her daughter which does not fail to worry her. But the forty-year-old also expressed her reaction to the Stéphane Plaza affair, which is the subject of accusations of sexual violence. Close to the television host, who was once the star of viewers, the actress spoke about him.

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Fabienne Carat: “We always manage to find things”

In 2021, it was while participating in the show Search for apartment or house alongside her sister, Carole, that Fabienne Carat got her hands on a 150 square meter Parisian apartment that she still occupies today. “We are in contact with a lot of people on the team. We are lucky thanks to Mediawan evenings [la société de production de l’émission, NDR] to see each other again. And we all get along very well with the real estate agents. My sister works with some too. There is a very good atmosphere”she confides in the columns of Purepeople.

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As for the accusations at the heart of which the real estate agent finds himself, Fabienne Carat explains having followed the affair “like everyone else”. “It’s getting better already, because there are truths that are coming out. I think that when you decide to make someone a target, you always manage to find things,” she continues. The actress does not seem to blame her sister’s collaborator for his behavior, describing Stéphane Plaza as “very generous”.

“He always exudes such good humor. (…) He is someone who knows through his presence and his aura that everything goes well. She’s a very nice person and I think she’ll get better quickly.” she concludes with Purepeople. There is no doubt that these words will warm the heart of Stéphane Plaza, who is now waiting “for justice to be done to cleanse his honor”.

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