A teacher, vaccinated, suspended for refusing to wear the mask in class

French teacher at the college of Gouvieux in the Oise, Anne-Claire Rossignol was suspended from her duties because she decided on November 8 to remove her mask during her lessons. According to her, this obligation would prevent her from teaching her classes properly.

Regarding the coronavirus, the health situation is changing and the protocols put in place by the government to fight the virus change regularly. For several weeks, the incidence rate in many departments has continued to increase, reaching critical thresholds in some departments. Since November 15, in all schools in France, the health protocol has been upgraded to level 2. This simply means that the mask is once again compulsory for primary school pupils.

However, despite the health context and the obligation for teachers to wear masks during lessons, Anne-Claire Rossignol, professor of French at the college of Gouvieux in the Oise being vaccinated, decided not to respect this instruction.

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“I want my students to see me”

Monday, November 15, the teacher was suspended from her duties after being received by the rectorate of the Amiens academy, because she had removed her mask in class. “I had a very cordial speech and so far there has been no question of delisting. The discussion remained on an administrative level“, she confides.

Last Tuesday, it is as a guest on the set of BFMTV, that the teacher explains the reasons for her gesture, which are more the desire to improve her lessons than a political will. For the teacher from Gouvieux, wearing a mask complicates and even compromises students’ learning. “Psychologically, wearing a mask is no longer possible, because we can see that the situation is likely to last. I do a job of transmission, to learn, you need emotions, and I think I pass them on in my classes, but it is not possible with the mask. JI want my students to see me, it’s a primary need.

“Our face is our working tool”

The teacher explained under what circumstances she decided to remove her mask. “I want to clarify that I was vaccinated. I never took off my mask near the students. I created a space in the room more than 2 meters from them with doors and windows open. I removed it under special conditions.”Unfortunately, the wearing of a mask is compulsory all the time for teachers.

Anne-Claire Rossignol had expressed her position in a letter addressed to the Ministry of Education “When you do the teaching profession, it is a communication profession in which you have to convey emotions. Our face is our working tool so when we are masked, nothing happens in the child’s head, learning is much less well. Communication is extremely hampered.“wrote the teacher.

She is supported, but not by everyone

Despite the suspension of her duties, the teacher maintains her position. But Anne-Claire Rossignol can count on the support of her colleagues. “We are working together on a petition for the National Assembly“, she assures. Also, several parents gave their support”I received a lot of support. I think the message is received and understood. This is what motivates me“, she declares. On the side of the teachers’ unions, it is very different.”This is a personal choice of a teacher, an epiphenomenon that may not require all the hype around”, Considers a union official who does not wish to take a position.

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