“A woman without children has not succeeded in her life”, the deep regret of Line Renaud


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Despite her beautiful and long career, Line Renaud still has one regret: not having had a child. This Saturday, November 20, the famous singer spoke at length about this still present lack.

For some women, not having children is a wish. For others, it is a regret. 93-year-old Line Renaud can congratulate herself on having had a huge career. And yet, a lack has always been felt within his couple: an extended family. This Saturday, November 20, the famous singer is on the TV movie poster Murders in the three valleys on France 3. In a long interview given to our colleagues from Gala, the godmother of Johnny Hallyday returned to the vivid memories of his life, as well as his “total failure” not to have started a family: “A woman who has not had children is not completely successful in her life”, she confided.

Married to Loulou Gasté from 1950 until her death in 1995, Line Renaud had to make a very difficult compromise: “I wanted so much to have a child but Loulou didn’t want it. After I spoke about adoption, he didn’t want it either”, she explained. But her wish to have a child never waned. Indeed, the actress clarified that this lack lasted until her 70 years. Moreover, the star of the music hall thinks she understood her husband’s decision: “He already had his child. I was 16 and he was 36. I was like his child so he didn’t miss it.”, she added.

A Much Loved Heart Mum

This regret did not prevent Line Renaud from developing a very maternal instinct, especially with Muriel Robin and Claude Chirac. “They are like my daughters of the heart. They certainly confide more in me than in their own mother. Claude often tells me that”, she declared in the columns of Gala. Filled with love by her many friends, the actress has nothing to be bored with. Comedian Muriel Robin lives 500 meters from her home and regularly comes to visit her. At 93, the iconic singer has yet to end her career: “The day I couldn’t shoot anymore, I would know and I would stop”, she clarified.

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