ABBA: No more new music, never again

No more new music, never again

ABBA apparently said goodbye to the band with their avatars.

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Fans of ABBA should stop hoping that the band will ever perform together again or release a new album.

London hosts the world premiere of the highly anticipated ABBA shows, a final highlight of an incredible career. All four real members will also be there – probably for the last time.

This was confirmed by Björn Ulvaeus (77) the sun: “It’s going to be so special, we’re all preparing for it. Frida has seen a preview and Agnetha hasn’t seen it yet. We’ll enjoy the show together with many, many fans. We just want to sit back and enjoy it.”

“Definitely our last album”

According to “Sun”, however, it will also be the last joint appearance of the four. Fans shouldn’t expect new music either after the album “Voyage” was surprisingly released in 2021, as Ulvaeus unequivocally clarified in the conversation with the newspaper. “I don’t think there will be more ABBA music. I think that was definitely our last album,” said the music star about “Voyage”.

So it’s official: The members have handed over their ABBA tasks to their avatars, who are now theoretically entertaining the fans on stage for ever. The show kicks off on May 27th at the purpose built ABBA Arena in East London. The avatars are supposed to perform 20 songs. The real band members spent five weeks on stage at London’s Ealing Studios and performed the songs instead of in front of an audience “in front of 75 guys with computers and hundreds of cameras,” as Ulvaeus said in an October interview with the Guardian ” explained.

“You have to pinch yourself”

About the experience of seeing yourself on stage in a rejuvenated form, the musician said it was very emotional: “Seeing the life-size avatars on stage with the live musicians – you have to pinch yourself. Even I get the feeling , they really would be there.” He had previously betrayed the “Mirror”.that he had secretly sneaked into an event with Benny Andersson (75) and Anni-Frid Lyngstad (76) where fans reacted to the avatars for the first time. “We sat way back in the dark so nobody saw us,” he explained. “Benny was there and Frida, we looked at ourselves and thought, ‘What the hell is that. How can that be?'”

Aside from the avatars, there is still a ray of hope for ABBA fans: at least Ulvaeus doesn’t want to stop making music. In the same interview with the “Sun”, he announced that he could well imagine continuing to write music with Andersson. “I think there’s more to us than that. We can write for other people and other projects.”


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