“According to the Danish model”: JU boss advises asylum seeker return centers

“According to the Danish model”
JU boss advises asylum seeker return centers

The traffic light is under pressure in refugee policy. The head of the Junge Union recommends the Danish course: rejected asylum seekers should be accommodated in return centers. In schools, Winkel proposes an upper limit of 30 percent for children with a migrant background.

The chairman of the Junge Union (JU), Johannes Winkel, wants to massively restrict the freedom of movement of rejected asylum seekers in this country. “Rejected asylum seekers who cannot be deported must stay in return centers according to the Danish model,” the CDU politician told the “Bild” newspaper. The Asylum Seekers Benefits Act also needs to be reformed. Without exception, there must be a switch from cash benefits to benefits in kind for asylum seekers. “That means: shopping only with a chip card.” With a view to the high number of asylum seekers in this country, the 32-year-old lawyer said that Denmark is following a migration and integration course that could become a model for Germany.

According to the federal government, almost 13,000 people who were required to leave the country were deported from Germany in 2022. According to the Central Register of Foreigners, around 304,000 people were required to leave the country at the end of 2022, around 248,000 of whom had a toleration permit. Tolerated people are people who are obliged to leave the country but cannot be deported for certain reasons. This could be because they do not have any identification documents, are sick or have a minor child who has a residence permit. Toleration is always limited.

Daycare compulsory in hotspot districts

Winkel also has suggestions for better integration of children with a migration background who speak German poorly: In “problem districts,” he thinks it makes sense for these children to attend daycare, as he said. To achieve this, socially disadvantaged districts would have to be identified separately throughout Germany. “These children need a fair chance of integration and language acquisition. This will only work if we create compulsory daycare in these districts based on the Danish model.” Winkel further demanded: “We must introduce maximum quotas for children with a migrant background in primary schools throughout Germany. 30 percent would be conceivable here.”

According to its own information, around 90,000 young people belong to the Junge Union, the offspring of the CDU/CSU.

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