Action RPG Wuthering Waves unveils 8 minutes of fast-paced gameplay

On the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show which opens its doors this Thursday, the Kuro Games studio has just unveiled a new trailer for its action RPG Wuthering Waves. The title is already eagerly awaited by open world gacha enthusiasts, and this video of more than 8 minutes should meet some of their expectations.

Combat, bosses and combat

To tell the truth, nothing really new in this video, but this one offers us long sequences of gameplay. We see almost exclusively fights, especially against bosses, which we had already seen in previous communications. The turtle that must be killed will also require going to attack its weak points or even making perfect counterattacks. No doubt, the staging looks worked.

Several protagonists are shown with familiar faces, but we can also see a brand new character who is teased at the end called Ji Yan. Remember that we can compose a team of three characters from the dozens that will be provided, and that we can switch between them on the fly. Everyone will be entitled to their own skills as well as a weapon of choice.

If you want to know more about Wuthering Waveswe invite you to watch our summary video which deciphers this potential competitor to Genshin Impact. No release date yet but it should arrive soon on iOS and Android and theoretically on PC.

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