Adam Back reveals the prehistory of Bitcoin with Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin before its public reveal. THE legal circus of the Craig Wright trialthe most infamous of Faketoshi, will at least have had a huge profit. It will have made it possible to unearth exchanges between Satoshi Nakamotothe creator of Bitcoin (BTC), and the first informed/participants of this blockchain network. It is in particular Adam Back which revealed his very first conversations with the genius creator Wright seeks to usurp.

Adam Back wants to help justice prove that Craig Wright is a liar

These are real little nuggets that offered us Adam Backthe CEO of Blockstream, as part of the lawsuit COPA (Crypto Open Patent Alliance) against the usurper Craig S. Wright (CSW). Indeed, on February 22, Adam Back filed in court emails correspondence between him and Satoshi Nakamoto which date back to Before the public publication of white paper (white paper) of Bitcoin.

Before coming to this newly revealed content, let us point out that Adam Back communicated this correspondence in connection with his testimony against Craig Wright in the British High Court.

And in fact, in one of these emails, a lie more CSW is updated. As CryptoSlate comments, the one we rightly call Faketoshi claimed to be “inspired” by Wei Dai’s B-Money model to create Bitcoin. And bam: the correspondence reveals that the real Satoshi Nakamoto didn’t even know yet of this B-Money proposal, just a few weeks before publishing the white paper of Bitcoin. Satoshi obviously added the reference to B-Money only after Back told him about it, at the last moment.

Satoshi Nakamoto to Adam Back, the August 21, 2008 :
“Thank you, I was not aware of the b-money page (…)”

Adam Back proves, once again, that Craig Wright is a liar.
Adam Back dismantles Craig Wright’s lies with the writings of the real Satoshi Nakamoto. – Source:

Wright’s claims are all the more ridiculous given that the day before the above email (which was already 3th between Back and Nakamoto), it was the creator of Bitcoin himself who contacted Adam Back to inform him that the BTC white paper was already ready to be published.

Thus, on August 20, 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto explained that he had taken the work on HashCash from Adam Back (and not the one on B-Money, the existence of which he did not learn until the next day, August 21, 2008).

Satoshi Nakamoto to Adam Back, the August 20, 2008 :
“I am about to publish a paper [ndlr : le livre blanc de Bitcoin] which references your post on Hashcash and I wanted to make sure the quote was correct. (…) »

Adam Back was contacted by Satoshi Nakamoto for the first time on August 20, 2008.Adam Back was contacted by Satoshi Nakamoto for the first time on August 20, 2008.
Satoshi Nakamoto wants to properly cite Adam Back’s work on HashCash in the future Bitcoin white paper. – Source:

The threat that Craig Wright represents for Bitcoin and its developers will therefore have had the sole merit of bringing this valuable historical correspondence between Adam Back and Satoshi Nakamoto, dating from the public prehistory of what would become the king of cryptocurrencies. The CEO of Blockstream thus proves to us, once again, that Faketoshi’s statements are a vast web of lies.

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