Afraid of becoming bitter as you get older? 9 habits to lose to be appreciated by others as you age

Advancing age can generate a lot of anxiety. Among them, the lasting installation of a certain stiffness of the mind, a much feared situation. However, there is a state of mind to adopt to see life in pink and to shine in the eyes of others.

Does age make us all unpleasant? You may have in mind this woman who blows behind you when children make too much noise or this old man complaining at the supermarket checkout over a trifle. According to a study carried out jointly by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and Aalto University in Finland, our social circle tends to become smaller as we age. Yet, becoming cantankerous is not inevitable according to the media Hack Spirit which revealed nine mechanisms to leave aside to avoid becoming withdrawn.

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1) Apologize excessively

For fear of offending others, we muzzle ourselves sometimes, worse, we apologize for things we are not responsible for or for the simple fact of existing. This attitude may stem from a desire to maintain peace or avoid confrontation, but in doing so we often put our own needs aside. The problem? Excessive excuses can generate a deep feeling of frustration. It is therefore important to break this habit and give more importance to your own feelings and opinions. You will thus encourage those around you to better understand your limits.

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2) Neglect yourself

Putting others before oneself is often considered by the person doing so to be a remarkable act of altruism. However, this attitude can ultimately generate a feeling of exhaustion and resentment. Gold taking care of yourself is not selfish, but necessary. So, give yourself as much attention as you do those around you. Bonus: when we take care of ourselves, we show that we appreciate ourselves, and others are more inclined to like us also.

3) Avoid confrontation

Facing a conflict situation can be uncomfortable, and many of us instinctively run away from it. However, when we avoid conflict, we tend to repress our emotions and our needs, which, in the long term, can breed resentment. Confrontation, obviously when it is carried out with respect for others, can contribute to better understanding and better mutual appreciation. So remember, a constructive confrontationthat is, involving the respectful expression of opinions and the search for common solutions, can be a powerful tool for improving relationships and promoting personal growth.

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4) Accept less than you deserve

Out of fear of change or out of fear of hurting people, we sometimes tend to tolerate disrespectful behavior or put up with a position that is uncomfortable for us. Yet, this self-neglect can be harmful in the long term for our mental health and our relationships. Strengthening self-esteem and establishing clear boundaries can help reduce this heightened tolerance and promote healthier relationships. So recognize your own worth and demand respect just like anyone else, period.

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5) Not setting limits

Always accepting more is another habit to lose in order to age in peace with yourself and others. In fact, knowing put up barriers when necessary does not mean being selfish or mean. On the contrary, it comes down to clearly expressing our needs and expectations of others. Adopting this new habit has many benefits: better management of our emotions, more time given to our well-being… So, start setting the limits that are necessary for you and observe the positive changes in you and those around you.

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6) Not expressing gratitude

Positive attracts positive, is not it ? Expressing gratitude not only helps improve the emotional and social quality of life, but also strengthen human connections. When you feel like the sky is falling, try to step back and openly express why you are grateful. It can even concern the little everyday things. You will gradually create a positive circle around you.

7) Ignore your passions

Advancing age can also be a wonderful way to reconnect with your passions. Indeed, all too often, the flow of life carries with it what makes us vibrate deeply. But putting aside these “little sparks” can gradually extinguish your inner fire and give rise to frustration and negativity within you. Following your passions allows you to feel useful and valued, so don’t hesitate to “put your heart into the works” that really suit you! Others will then be happy to observe your involvement.

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8) Say amen to everything

By continually accepting responsibilities without taking into account our own needs and limits, it is possible to experience accumulated fatigue and a feeling of being taken for granted. Result: we can react without measure, because our limits have not been respected too many times. “No” is not a forbidden word, and refusing a request can be an emancipatory act. Moral: by being able to say no, we promote balanced relationships and mutually respectful and we gain personal energy.

9) Underestimate yourself

This can be hard to process, but if you don’t value yourself, it’s hard for others to do so. Having positive self-esteem is essential for taking on challenges, taking initiative and achieving success in various aspects of life. As you age, it is important to remind yourself and others that your value has not diminished. Once again,healthy self-confidence promotes more positive and balanced interpersonal relationships and also helps regulate your own emotions.


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