After terror in Israel: Werder asks for help for kidnapped fans

After terror in Israel
Werder asks for help for kidnapped fans

After the terrorist attack by Hamas, many are desperately searching for their relatives in Israel. The Bundesliga club Werder Bremen is asking for help in two ways: one from its own fan and the supporter of a friendly club.

Bundesliga soccer team Werder Bremen has appealed online for help for fan Hersh Goldberg-Polin, who went missing in the terrorist attack in Israel. “He was at a music festival in southern Israel that was attacked by terrorists and was presumably taken to Gaza,” the club said on X, formerly Twitter.

Werder wrote about a picture of the young Israeli man: “Hersh is injured & urgently needs medical help.” The fan has a close bond with the club and recently attended a Hanseatic League game with his Bremen friends at the beginning of the year.

The people of Bremen also drew attention to another missing person. The 27-year-old Inbar was also kidnapped at the peace festival in southern Israel. She worked there as a helper. Inbar is a supporter of Europa League participant Maccabi Haifa, and the two clubs share a fan friendship.

Terrorists on behalf of the ruling Islamist organization Hamas carried out a massacre among Israeli civilians in border towns and at a music festival on Saturday. In the course of this major attack, Hamas kidnapped more than 100 people. According to emergency services, more than 250 bodies were found on the festival site. Among those kidnapped is the German Shani Louk, who, according to her mother, is said to be seriously injured in a hospital in the Gaza Strip.

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