after the search engine, here is the ecological web browser that plants trees for you

Ecosia has just launched its own web browser, which works on the same principle as its search engine. Based on Chromium, it offers sponsored links which allow the company to receive money, then reinvested in planting trees around the world.


Recently, Ecosia reached a historic milestone. Since its creation, the search engine has enabled the planting of no less than 200 million trees around the world — and the count continues to rise. In case you missed it, Ecosia is a search engine that aims to be, if not ecological, at least mindful of its carbon footprint.

Its operation is simple: like its competitors, it displays sponsored links in its search results. By clicking on them, users generate money, which the company then reuses to plant trees in areas affected by deforestation. Today, it wishes to go further and extend its action. To do this, it is launching a brand new web browser.

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Ecosia launches its own green web browser

Like many of its competitors, the Ecosia browser is based on the Chromium kernel. Also, if you currently use Chrome, Edge or Opera, to name a few, you should find the majority of the features you are used to. A choice that was not made at random: Ecosia fully embraces its desire to attract the widest possible user base.

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“The main reason we’re building a browser is because we want to go where our users are and start expanding their sustainable usage footprint. Right now our expertise is in search, but we want to try other aspects of navigation,” explains Michael Metcalf, product manager at Ecosia.

The operation is of course similar to the search engine. By opening the browser, you will find affiliate links to commercial platforms (like on Opera). By clicking on it, you allow the planting of new trees. However, it is possible to personalize your home page to display or delete certain links.

Ecosia Browser is available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Source: TechCrunch

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