Agendia partners with Illumina to develop genomic testing for breast cancer treatment

A multi-year partnership to advance the use of next-generation sequencing of decentralized oncology tests to bring better knowledge to breast cancer patients worldwide.

Agendia, Inc., a commercialization-phase company focused on precision oncology in breast cancer, today announced a multi-year partnership with Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ: ILMN), to co-develop tests in oncology in vitro (DIV). The partnership aims to advance the use of next-generation sequencing (NSE) for decentralized oncology testing and aligns with Illumina’s approach to IVD partnerships in oncology. Agendia joins Illumina’s growing portfolio of more than 30 DIV partners developing more than 40 sequencing-based solutions for cancer prognosis, selection of therapies and other applications.

Illumina and Agendia plan to develop new assays to improve the care and management of breast cancer patients, using Illumina’s MiSeq ™ Dx sequencing platform to expand the range of gene panels available to analyze solid tumors. The company anticipates that its flagship test, MammaPrint®, cleared by the FDA and currently offered by Agendia’s central laboratory, will be the first decentralized breast cancer recurrence risk test based on the SNG authorized by the FDA.

“This partnership is a big step forward for the integration of NSE technologies by Agendia and further binds us to our promise to provide crucial genomic information to physicians and their patients to guide care at every step of a patient’s therapeutic journey. », Said Mark Straley, CEO of Agendia. “We believe our current, FDA cleared and generally reimbursed MammaPrint assay provides an excellent basis for integration with Illumina’s MiSeqDx platform. Together, we plan to expand what is possible in breast cancer patient care and ensure that essential knowledge from genomic testing is delivered to patients around the world ”.

Illumina’s robust diagnostic SNG product line, including the MiSeq ™ Dx platform, covers a broad spectrum of clinical applications designed for a variety of clinical laboratory settings. As SNG testing increasingly becomes part of routine patient care, Illumina is committed to providing clinical solutions, through products and partnerships, that enable the diagnosis and management of human disease.

Agendia’s proprietary testing solutions allow physicians to more accurately diagnose disease factors and predict breast cancer progression in a woman. The company’s scientific approach offers a holistic view of the underlying biology of a patient’s breast cancer, allowing physicians to personalize treatment. The company believes that the decentralized MammaPrint SGN test, developed on the Illumina MiSeq ™ Dx platform, will enable large clinical hospitals around the world to deliver the efficacy and clinical benefits of MammaPrint to their in-house physicians and patients. In addition, the SGN MammaPrint test will be backed by nearly two decades of clinical evidence from 30 clinical studies enrolling over 30,000 breast cancer patients, as well as 15 years of FDA clearance, inclusion in guidelines of leading medical companies; and unique and renowned CPT codes generally allowing reimbursement.

“We are pleased to partner with Agendia, which has deep expertise in the field of genomic breast cancer testing, to expand the reach of NGS-based genomic testing in cancer care,” said Joydeep Goswami, Director of Strategy and Corporate Development at Illumina. “We believe that enabling in-house clinical testing will increase knowledge of the healthcare network, reduce turnaround times, and ultimately lead to better care of more patients through improved advice on care pathways ”.

About Agendia

Agendia is a mission-driven trading company with the goal of enabling state-of-the-art decision making by providing physicians with next-generation diagnostic and information solutions they can use to improve patient outcomes for cancer patients. breast worldwide. The company currently offers two commercially available genomic profiling assays that allow surgeons, oncologists and pathologists to personalize the treatment of women at critical points of care throughout their journey.

MammaPrint® is a 70-gene prognostic test that, along with other clinicopathological factors, determines a specific patient’s risk of breast cancer recurrence. BluePrint® is an 80-gene-based molecular subtyping test that identifies the underlying biology of a patient’s breast cancer to provide information about her behavior, long-term prognosis and potential response to treatment. systemic. Together, MammaPrint® and BluePrint® provide a holistic view of a patient’s breast cancer, allowing physicians to objectively choose the best treatment plan.

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