AirTag: price drop on Apple’s object tracker

If you’re looking for an AirTag on sale, know that Apple’s object tracker is the subject of a good plan. At Leclerc and on Amazon, the connected object of the apple brand benefits from a 20% reduction to go below 30 euros.

More than a year after being presented during an Apple keynote, the Cupertino company’s AirTag is down in price on the sites of two resellers.

Sold at the recommended price of 35 euros, Apple AirTag is sold at Leclerc and on Amazon at the reduced price of 28 euros ; i.e. an immediate discount of 7 euros from the two e-commerce sites. For information, the product is eligible for free delivery in Leclerc stores or at home in the case of a purchase made on Amazon.

Designed to find objects and especially to locate Apple devices, the AirTag is configured with a simple gesture, which instantly connects it to an iPhone or iPad. The Bluetooth beacon should be used with devices running iOS 14.5 or higher operating system. Also, the device in question must be connected to an iCloud account to configure the AirTag

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