Alessandra Sublet confined, she reveals a crazy picture of her two children: Femme Actuelle Le MAG


For almost two weeks, the French have been confined to their homes. The government has decided to take action to control the spread of the coronavirus. While citizens are more worried than ever before, only basic necessities are now authorized. Faced with this health crisis, Alessandra Sublet decided to be confined with her ex-husband Clément Miserez with whom she gets along very well and their two children, the little Alphonse aged 5 and Charlie, 7 and a half. To be entertained and keep in touch with their fans, they regularly post images of their daily lives on the web. After Laura Smet who shared a photo of herself as a child to take up a challenge, it's the turn of the host of C to you to reveal a very funny photo. On the picture, she is surrounded by her young who take a bath with a lot of foam.

Alessandra Sublet's children have fun in the bath

Overjoyed, the two toddlers got everywhere on the body and even on the walls. A touching shot that makes you want to fall back into childhood. "And … good day !! forceauxparents", she wrote in caption for her publication. Internet users were won over by the cliché. "It was still funny, a little less cleaning", "best foam bath in the world", "foam evening already", "that's how recreation at home, we will have to give the idea to school "," nice and well done for this photo "," excellent ", can we read in the comments. While they were married between 2012 and 2018, Alessandra Sublet and Clément Miserez ended up separating while keeping very good relationships. The 43-year-old presenter and juror of Mask Singer had even confided to Paris Match that they "had succeeded better in their divorce than their marriage". A common confinement which allows them in any case not to have to manage the problems of alternate custody like other parents.


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