Alice Varela (Tomorrow belongs to us): this great actress with whom she has a close relationship

Present at the last Monte-Carlo Television Festival, Alice Varela promises big changes for Judith, her character in Tomorrow belongs to us, to follow from Monday to Friday at 7:10 p.m. on TF1, after the disappearance of Noa.

Since Judith found her way to the farmhouse, life has not spared her. Can she recover from Noa’s death?

Alice Varela: It is true that the dramas follow one another and will change it profoundly. This summer marks the beginning of its metamorphosis. It’s great to see your character grow. Fortunately, there will be a little moment of lightness…

A new love story?

Rather a love trio… I won’t say more!

How do you protect yourself from the violence of the emotions that you have to interpret?

I still have a little trouble. I’m the “sponge” type and I need to learn to put a distance between the character and me. The problem is that when I come out of these strong enough scenes to play lighter ones, I tend to lose focus and laugh with my partners. But that’s also what family is DNA. And it feels good !

How did your reunion go, especially with Ingrid Chauvin, your on-screen mom after your three-month break in the United States?

At the airport, goodbyes were like with my own mother! Then, when I was there, she sent me messages regularly, like a real little mom. We created a WhatsApp group with the whole Delcourt family, and I gave news.

Will we see you again in the next season of Clem?

I do not know yet.

You are also a pianist. Where does this vocation come from?

Passionate about music, my parents made us learn to play an instrument to my sister, my brother and me, as soon as we entered first grade. I chose the piano. Today, I compose and now wish to reveal this part of my personality and my work. I’m working on a purely instrumental clip. To sing, I expect to be more confident. For now, I’m too shy! This emotional feeling blocked me a lot when I was younger, and the theater was very important to learn to overcome it.

When will the soundtrack of tomorrow belongs to us composed by Alice Varela?

It would be a dream!

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