Alicia (Married at first sight) reacts to the formalization of Bruno and Jennifer: her meaningful message

Alicia thought she had met the man of her life in Married at first sight in the person of Bruno. But the young woman was very disappointed. She realized that the young man was actually not the man of her life. In addition, rumors of a relationship between Bruno and Jennifer have multiplied on the web. Which triggered Alicia’s anger. “It’s so hard to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and say, ‘I’m not gonna do this ’cause I wouldn’t want her to do it to mewrote the young woman on her social networks, taking up a quote from an Instagram account.

Earlier in the day, Alicia denounced the “bolt” and the “no respect” of this new couple, which is already causing a lot of talk. “Personally, I would never have allowed myselfI’m way too well brought up for that.”, she said. Upset by the situation, Alicia decided to fly to Corsica to rest with her loved ones.

“I understand that it is not easy to live for her”

For her part, Jenifer tried to explain herself on her love at first sight with Bruni. “It fell on us, we hadn’t planned anything. We don’t know what the future will be made of, we fully assume our relationship”, she confided. And to continue: “I understand that it is not easy to live for her, thatshe hasn’t mourned her marriage but there’s no disrespect on my part. Alicia and Bruno separated in mid-April for reasons that belong to them, they are in the process of a divorce and they are free to start a new life. she concluded.

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