The Walking Dead: a season 2 for the series about Rick Grimes and Michonne?

Will the miniseries “The Ones Who Live”, the spin-off of “The Walking Dead” centered on Rick Grimes and Michonne, be renewed for a season 2?

Please note, the following goes into detail about the end of the mini-series The Ones Who Live, available on Paramount+. If you have not yet seen it, and do not wish to know anything about its content, then we strongly recommend that you stop reading this article now.

Expected for five years, the big return of Rick Grimes ends after only six episodes of its spin-off. Disappearing during season 9 of The Walking, the sheriff played by Andrew Lincoln made his comeback this year in the mini-series The Ones Who Live, alongside Michonne (Danai Gurira).

An uncertain future

The two actors are also credited as co-creators of this new program which marks the reunion of the emblematic couple of the horror franchise. The story of these six episodes also marked the end of an overall narrative arc, although the story of the franchise is not yet over, quite the contrary.

Two spin-offs are currently being broadcast: Daryl Dixon with Norman Reedus, season 2 of which will be broadcast next June, and Dead City, a series starring Negan and Maggie. These two seasons were renewed for seasons 2, but the future of The Ones Who Live is, however, much more uncertain.

After countless adventures, and the fall of the Civic Republic, Rick and Michonne were able to reunite with their children Judith and Rick Junior. A happy ending which gave rise to a moving reunion, ten years separating the last meeting between the former sheriff and his daughter (he had never met his son, whose existence he was unaware of for a long time).

The Avengers of the Walking Dead universe?

Unfortunately, no season 2 is on the cards because The Ones Who Live was designed as a single-season series. However, a return of Rick Grimes and Michonne in a different form cannot be completely ruled out.

The reunion of the Grimes family will certainly bring comfort to fans, but how can we be satisfied with that when Daryl is still faced with the idea that his best friend is presumed dead. The news of Rick’s return will not be able to reach him, as long as Daryl is stuck in France…

A return in the form of a new spin-off, a sort of Avengers from The Walking Dead universe, or more simply via a twelfth season of the original series had also been teased by screenwriter Scott M. Gimple . However, you will have to be patient to hope to see all the heroes of the horror franchise reunited in one and the same series, but hope keeps you alive!

The mini-series The Ones Who Live can now be found exclusively on Paramount+.

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